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Review – Mega Man 3 (NES)

1 Player

The Mega Man series, the greatest series ever.

You must control the Blue Bomber to once again defeat Dr. Wiley.

Graphics 9/10

Nice crisp Mega Man graphics.  Plus this game has one of the coolest looking sets of robot masters.  I suppose that I like this game makes me somewhat biased to the scores.  There is some slowdown though when there is more then like 2 enemies on the screen.

Music and Sound 9/10

Very good music.  While I was replaying it my brother commented on how cool the music in this game was just out of the blue.  It fits the theme and sounds nice for uh, NES music. The sounds are good as well.  Lots of little sound effects.

Gameplay 9/10

Lots of variety.  Some new things are introduced in this game, namely Proto Man and Rush.  Since this is the first MM game with these two elements it gets some bonus points.  It’s a very fun game too.  The Robot masters give a lot of variety.

Overall 9/10

This is definitely my favorite Mega Man game.  I think the only one coming close is MMX1. I would recommend this game definitely if you like Mega Man games and how could you not?


Hold Right and A on controller two for a super jump.  Now hold it and try jumping in a pit.

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