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Review – Ghost in the Shell (PS1)

1 Player

Based on the Manga and Anime of the same name, you must pilot a Fujikoma Tank, along side
the other members of Division 6, to stop terrorist attacks and uncover a secret plot.

Graphics: 8/10
The Anime cut scenes are great.  They look like they were taken from the movie.  The only
thing that could have been better about them is if they had been more numerous.  The into
movie is one of the best intros to any game I’ve ever seen.  As for the game, the enemies
seems kind of boring, which is what really brings this score down.  The Fukikoma looks
pretty nice though, and the animations are all smooth even when you transfer your axis and
start walking on the wall or ceiling.  However this can also lead ot confusion of direction
because the wall textures are not always clear enough to distinguish which way you need to
head.  There are some neat effects though with the changing camera axis, mostly when
fighting bosses.

Sound: 10/10
I LOVE the music for this game.  The whole thing is set to a heavy techno soundtrack that
really fits the fast paced action of this game.  If I ever ran into a soundtrack for this
game to buy I would most certainly pick it up.  Of course if you dislike Techno music it
could be a turn off I suppose.  The sound effects are nice as well, lots of explosions
mostly.  Plus as a great bonus they used the dame voices to dub the cut scenes that they
did for the movie.  At first I feared it would be someone different and it wouldn’t be as

Gameplay: 8/10
There is a large variety of missions for the different levels 3whcih really helps to break
things up.  There are some missions where you just seek and destroy, others where you
navigate underground tunnels, some where you have to travel over buildings to disarm bombs,
and still more others where you are involved in high speed chases.  The Fujikoma Tank and
it’s “Go anywhere” navigation is incredibly cool.  There are only ten levels but each is
multipart and fairly lengthy and quite difficult at times.  There are some down sides
though.  Some of the levels are insanely hard.  Also you can easily navigate most areas by
standing out of range of the enemy and locking on your missiles (of which you have

Overall: 8.7/10
Overall I’d say it’s a great 3D action game.  Certainly more fast paced than a lot of the
ones I’ve played and most worthy of the name Ghost in the Shell.  Don’t expect a movie
adaptation though.  This seems to have an original story, which is an added plus.

Tip: At the main menu press R2, R1, Square, Square, Up, Down, Square, Square, R2, R2.  If
you hear a sound you did it right.  You should now have all levels unlocked and all movies

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