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Review – Dead Cells (PC)

I have to full be upfront here. When I first started playing Dead Cells, I hated it. Well, I liked it, but grew to hate it. I reminds me a lot of Rogue Legacy in it’s presentation, but it’s quite a bit faster and more difficult than Rogue Legacy is. I really really liked Rogue Legacy. Dead Cells also feels a lot like a Metroidvania title, though many will argue it’s not really a Metroidvania game, it has a very similar gameplay feel, even if the actual loop is different. […]

Sky: CotL Guide Part 7 – The Eye of Eden

The Entire series can be found on this page. The end of everything lies in the Eye of Eden. I’m going to throw out plenty of spoilers in this page, and I recommend doing Eden blind the first time through. It wraps up everything in a nice, somewhat unexpected way that works better not knowing. I will give some spoiler free advice first though. Eden resets once a week. You can make as many Eden runs as you want, but the final bit only works once a week, and resets […]

Sky: CotL Guide Part 6 – The Vault of Knowledge

The Entire series can be found on this page. The Vault is the final zone before reaching Eden and the end. It’s arguably the most important “lore” zone, less so from the lore it’s telling, and more the lore it represents, as a library of memories. It’s also sort of a gateway between the world and Eden. It’s actually a very simple zone, but also extremely tedious to navigate through. There are almost no real threats in this zone either. Unlike the previous zone, there is no social area at […]

Sky: CotL Guide Part 5 – The Golden Wasteland

The Entire series can be found on this page. Once the center of manufacturing in the World of Sky, now a desert wasteland of poison after the great war. This is the most dangerous of the normal zones, but a large margin. It is chock full of things trying to kill you all along the way. Even the water is trying to kill you, and it’s not even raining! It’s definitely a horrific zone to traverse on the first run. It’s not super fun once you get more experience and […]

Sky: CotL Guide Part 4 – The Valley of Triumph

The Entire series can be found on this page. The Valley of Triumph is the fourth area of Sky. It can be a bit tricky to navigate through as it contains a lot of “one way” paths. At least half of it’s paths are essentially one way, so navigating the entire thing will take several return trips. The first split occurs right at the Social Area starting zone. The main path leads to a downhill slide, a one way path, and the other leads through a cave to the Village, […]