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Recap – Agents of Shield S04E08 – Ghost Busted!

So ends the Ghost Rider story arc.  So starts another month long break.  Fortunately there’s a mini series of some sort that’s going to be on the ABC streaming app.  It’s not super clear what the webseries will involve other than it follows Yo-Yo on a secret mission of some sort.  I imagine the episodes will be 5-10 minutes each, tops.  This isn’t likely going to be a whole series of hour long episodes ala Agent Carter.  Yo-Yo has turned into a fun character, but I kind of wish that we were getting a Carter webseries.  But now I’m just beating a dead horse. This episode was alright but seemed really scattered in what was going on.  It was also a  bit of a let down as the culmination of Robbie’s arc.  I mean it wraped everything up nicely but […]

Weekly Wednesday Haul – World of Star Fox Edition

World of Nintendo was a line that I had originally decided to ignore but now kind of regret ignoring.  It seemed like an neat line but it also felt like a line that would end up cancelled after 2 waves before they finished any sets or got interesting with it’s characters. Also, it has some wonky scale issues.   Then there is the part where half the stores have them priced way more than the figures look like they are worth and in general, stuff is hardish to find.  I Apparently they managed to complete the Star Fox team, which has me playing catch up a bit on finding them.  I’m not sure Peppy is out in any real force yet though, and I found both Slippy and Fox at a Target for under $10 plus holiday coupon deals made […]

Recap – Agents of Shield S4E07 – Stuck Between Breaks Edition

Can I just say something.  It’s kind of really lame when a television show takes an entire month off, and then comes back for two whole episodes before it’s “Winter Break”.  I was really hoping that with the break that Agents just came off of, we’d get another 4 episodes or so at least before it’s mid season cliff hanger. There were a lot of fun twists an action in this episode for sure.  Last episode left a cliffhanger where Robbie, Coulson and Fitz all vanished mysteriously.  Simmons disappeared early in the episode to parts unknown.  I’m rather glad they resolved the Coulson, Fitz, Robbie thing in one episode instead of dragging it out forever.  Also, no solid connections to Doctor Strange here, which was disappointing.  There’s some loose possible connections and definite parallels in some areas, but nothing super […]

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Black Friday Edition

This weeks haul is going to be a bit more of a list with notes than anything, it’s a little bit of catch up and a lot of bit of things that aren’t toys.  Toys don’t really go on sale around Black Friday in any meaningful way, at least not the ones I care about buying.  What does go on sale are Video Games and Movies. Overwatch I played this during the open beta deal before release but didn’t really care for it enough to pay $60 for it.  I don’t generally pay full retail for games ever, $50 is nuts for a game, anything more puts it right out.  Pretty much everywhere has had it on sale for 40% off though all week, so I picked up Overwatch.  I like the concept and I could use something to fill […]

Weekly Wednesday Haul – This Kooky Brawn Edition

Combiner Wars Computron Computron may be the final cap to my Combiner Wars run.  I seriously considered Liokaiser but I’ve decided to pass.  If they give us a special release of Shuttle Blast Off I’ll be all over that but it seems doubtful that it will happen.  There isn’t really anything else left for the line. Titans Return Mindwipe Wave 2 of Titans Return still seems like a complete no show at almost every retailer, well, except for Walgreens, which wants nearly $20 each for them, which seems really steep.  I picked up Windwipe at a Wal-mart for considerably less, though he was the only one left on the pegs from the wave. I really dig his fancy coffin storage box, but he’s also not nearly as cool as I expected.  The whole thing with the wings legs is finicky […]

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Imported Heroes Edition

I mentioned a bit ago that I had some more import figures on the way.  I’ve finally received them, so, here they are. Mafex BvS Superman A year or so ago, I picked up the Medicom Mafex Dark Knight Joker figure.  It looked pretty cool and seemed to be the best version of that Joker available.  I was worried a bit because I’d heard a lot of mixed voices on the Mafex line.  Apparently the first several releases were really bad, floppy loose joints, being the biggest issue.  The Joker isn’t quite a solid as figures from other Japanese companies, but he is a lot better than Medicom’s earlier offerings.  Eventually I added the Dark Knight Batman to accompany my Joker, and he ended up being pretty nice as well (note: the Dark Knight Batman has an earlier release that […]

Review – Movie – Doctor Strange (2016)

Marvel’s latest blockbuster is Doctor Strange, the story of a brilliant surgeon turned mystical world bending sorcerer. Unlike a lot of Marvel’s recent outings, I had almost no idea who Doctor strange was or exactly what he did before seeing this movie. My knowledge essentially amounted to something something magic, something something founded the Defenders, he seems to have a regular bad guy who is a flaming head demon guy. Also, why is he called Doctor Strange? Turns out that wasn’t super off, he’s a Doctor because he is literally a Medical Doctor, and his big villain is the flaming skull guy, though the villain doesn’t really take that form in this outing. Short spoiler free verdict, it’s a crazy special effects fest to be sure, even better, the story is nice and straight forward, no complicated conspiracies or convoluted […]

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Everything’s Coming Up Red Edition

I wasn’t even aware that the latest “Civil War” wave of Marvel Legends was at all available yet when it was brought to my attention that Amazon had Scarlet Witch in stock for regular price.  I noticed they also had everyone else from the wave for $13 each.  I have vague interest in some of them but only really care about Red  Skull and Scarlet Witch, which is the focus here today, since they are they two that I ordered. I believe this is the third and last wave listed as being for Civil War, the first being Red Onslaught, the second being Giant Man.  The BAF for this wave is Abomination.  Abomination is more of a Hulk villain but I can’t imagine we’ll ever see a “Hulk Wave”. Scarlet Witch This is the definite “scalper bait” for this entire […]

Recap – Agents of Shield S04E06 – You Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

So, I never thought most of the questions that have been building up this season would all get answered in one episode.  And what a great episode this was.  Lots of good action, lots of good backstory, lots of good surprises.  It’s a good thing too, because apparently SHIELD is on hiatus for something like three or four weeks. Anyway, plenty of spoilers behind the break, so, you’ve been warned.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Space Boat Coast to Coast Edition

Not a ton to talk about this week, and nothing last week.  I have been on the fence for a bit on Titans Returns Scourge.  I have a couple of alright Scourge toys already with the Titaniums and the Generations.  I’ve not heard a lot of good about this Scourge, and he’s a headmaster, which Scourge is not. But Wal-Mart has knocked the price of their TR Deluxe toys down to $10.  Couple this with a drought and you get poor buying habits and a new Scourge toy.  He does have some issues, mostly because his head is wobbly, but he’s a decent Scourge.  The vehicle is more G1 than the old Generations one even if the overall design is a bit more bland. It also doesn’t help that Scourge, unlike most Transformers, has a built in gimmick to justify […]