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Star Trek Discovery – Season 3

So, how to solve the problem of “Discovery feels too advanced” and solve the problem of, “The writers want to make Star Trek but mostly ignore most established Trek canon concepts.” What if you just… Catapult the plot 930 years into the future. I am not entirely against the time travel angle of the plot. I am a bit against the “930 years” part. For one, now there is the opposite problem, where everything doesn’t feel advanced ENOUGH. Like seriously, did society just plateau? This is literally the equivalent of […]

What I’ve Been Playing – Cruisn’ the USA Edition

It’s been a while since I posted about “What I’m Playing”. I’ve done a few specific game posts but no generic ones. Mostly it’s been Overwatch. Because I stopped playing Fortnite and apparently I hate myself because I can’t NOT play a grindy shooter game. I’m probably not going to really talk about Overwatch. I’ve finished the base Ultrawatch Pass already, helped out because I bought the Ultimate pass like a sucker because it had Kaiju skins, but it had 20-level tier skips. I still have titles to try for, […]

BringArts – Final Fantasy VII – Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy VII were once a pretty big part of my interest many years ago. I probably would not be Ramen Junkie online if not for on Usenet. FFVII is probably the most popular game in the series, and while I prefer FFX, a lot of people consider it to be the best. With the recent remakes, and all the spin off games and movies, the original character designs felt like they were kind of pushed to the side. I don’t really pay much attention to […]

Star Trek Discovery – Season 2

Ok, so, I will probably just go with being a lot more spoilers on this post. It’s an older show, chances are if you care you’ve watched it. I was a bit less spoilers in my Season 1 write-up, which functions a bit more as just a review. I also want to preface this a bit that, I watched Star Trek Strange New Worlds before watching this season. This is notable because this season is effectively a sort of, soft pitch/pilot for SNW. Captain Pike is captain of Discovery this […]

Some Neat Final Fantasy Swag

I’m a bit late on posting these, but they are still pretty cool. A few months ago, I went to the newly added “Side Quest Decatur” for the Midwest Toy and Comic Fest. It was the first year for the secondary even in Decatur, normally it’s held in Bloomington, about an hour north. It wasn’t anything super fancy, mostly just a big vendor room. I didn’t end up buying much, but I did pick up these neat custom Final Fantasy items from Rusted Icon Designs. One is this slate coaster, […]