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Sky: CotL – Without a Cape aka “Hard Mode”

I have been setting up a couple of secondary accounts on Sly, to send Hearts to myself, because you need a zillion hearts and there isn’t any reliable way to accumulate them with any speed. Even having alts, it’s slow as heck. With the Steam version of the game, this is a lot easier to do, especially since I have several machines capable of running the game. Ideally, I might automate this task, but for now, I am fine with doing it manually. I probably won’t do it consistently either […]

What I’ve Been Playing – Light-Based Lore Edition

I kind of want to do these weekly, but I don’t really know if I rotate my game interests enough these days to do them weekly. I just wish I could get more consistent, though I have no one to blame by myself. Though part of the desire to do these sorts of posts was to maybe, encourage more variety in my gaming habits. I think part of the reason I don’t have much variety lately is that, anymore, I play games to fill time more than for enjoyment these […]

Thoughts on Ahsoka

Note: This ended up way longer than I expected it to. Despite efforts to convince me to do otherwise, I can’t handle watching shows in weekly episode instances anymore. Sorry, I just can’t. So the method these days is to simply, wait for them all to be available, then binge them all in a few sittings. I can barely spread these sittings out. For Ahsoka, I watched 4 episodes one night, then a few nights later, I watched two more. It was getting close to my normal time to go […]

Fortnite Desperately Needs More Preset Slots

There are currently 100 slots available. Given the sheer number of items available there really needs to be a larger limit. Each battle pass has 7-8 new skins added, each with different styles and colors, which can drastically change the skin enough that it’s basically two skins. One could easily want several pre sets for the same skin. This doesn’t even get into buying skins from the shop. I like to change skins a lot and I have a lot of pretty alright set-ups. I really wish I could have […]

What I’ve Been Playing – 4 Months Edition

Has it really been almost 4 months? Maybe it’s closer to three, but it’s been, way too long. I think there has actually been an entire Fortnite Season in there, because last post I was talking about Fortnite, Star Wars was still in there, and I want to say that was at the end of Ch4S2, and right now it’s the early days of Ch4S4. Whoops. I did play Chapter 4 Season 3, though I didn’t get to level 200 in the Battle Pass. I actually was going to skip […]