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Wario Land 3 (GBC) (2000)

Wario Land 3 Banner

The next part of my reverse adventure through the Wario Land Franchise, is Wario Land 3.  I decided I had enough to say about this game that it kind of deserved it’s own post all it’s own.  I’ve finished the game, though I did not (yet) collect all of the 100 treasures.  I have no idea what Wario Land 2 is like, maybe that game is similar in nature to this one, though I will say, this gives me a bit of new perspective on Wario Land 4 which I’ll […]

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Eye Guy

Of all of these Lightning Collection monsters, Eye Guy is one that differes quite a bit from the show design. For one, he’s a lot more bulked out. The original costume has a weird design and you can tell the person inside is a lot smaller than the suit by the weird arms. It’s not inaccurate, it’s just a bit more stylized. The eyes are also a lot less detailed than the actual suit, which is likely a cost cutting measure. That said, there are a lot of eyes and […]

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Pudgy Pig

For some reason I always think of Pudgy Pig as the first monster that the Power Rangers fought, but that is not accurate. It’s like the 5th or 6th, and heck, even King Sphinx was earlier than that that. There were two releases for Pudgy Pig, one early on for SDCC which included a Lunch Box case. And that’s essentially the only difference I think,. which is why I was kind of glad I skipped it. There was a bit of a controversy because the promo shots kind of implied […]

What I’ve Been Playing Recently

It’s been a bit, so it’s been a bit busy I suppose. I’m going to mostly push off my current “regular games” a bit with Fortnite and Sky. just for some discussion about what else I’ve been playing. Death Stranding Funny enough, this isn’t the only game I’m playing at the moment with “dangerous rain”. Sky has a zone of rain that harms you when you’re standing in it. Though, they call it “Time Fall” in Death Stranding, and it’s a Hideo Kojima game, so it’s full of weird unexplained […]

Power Rangers Lightning Collection King Sphinx

I have a weird relationship with Power Rangers. I never was a huge fan of the series, though it actually does check a lot of boxes in my array of interests. Most of what I remember is watching the OG Mighty Morphin. I think I watched the Ninja stuff, and then I want to say Turbo was the “third iteration” and my interest kind of fell off around that time. These monsters though in the Lightning Collection Line. Everything about them really hits for what I am liking now. And […]