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Review – Ninja Gaiden (NES)

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1 Player

Kick ass classic Ninja action.

Graphics 8/10
Pretty good.  The sprites all look like what they are supposed to look like, though the
enemies are sometimes kind of weird, the cut scenes are pretty cool and often action
packed.  The graphics are good for NES level.  The opening sequence rocks.

Music and Sound 9/10
This game has great music too.  Fast paced music that fits the levels well, slower and
creepy music when appropriate during the cut scenes.  As for sound effects, they are
pretty sharp and quick, which fits the Ninja motif.  Basically they are believable in the
game setting.

Gameplay 8/10
Though it’s somewhat repetitive, the levels change enough that it doesn’t get old.  Plus
each level usually has several areas.  The buttons are plenty, one to jump, one to sword
swipe and a combination attack for special weapons.

Overall 8.4/10
An old classic that should be in your NES collection if possible.  I suppose you could
settle for one of the sequels or the Ninja Gaidan Trilogy for SNES, but the sequels are
harder (I don’t like them as much).  A great game though overall.

Tip: Uh, I got nothing, sorry.

Review – Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge (GB)

Capcom | 1 Player

What’s better than a console Mega Man game?  Well not necessarily a portable one, but who am I to say?  Too bad they left out Guts man and Bomb man.

Graphics: 7/10

It’s Mega Man, what do you expect?  Well ok, the Blue Bomber is now the Grey Bomber and he doesn’t change color when a different weapon is equipped.    The sprites seems big as well, which is a plus and a minus.  Plus, they are easy to see, there are less per screen, you don’t have to navigate for a mile to exit the screen, ect.  Minus because, it’s hard to dodge?  I suppose they may seem weird next to a NES Mega Man game.

Sound: 6/10

No new music really, it’s just rehashed from Mega Man one on NES.  I guess Elec Man’s theme will always be Elec Man’s theme.  The sound effects are Ok I suppose, nothing spectacular.

Gameplay: 8/10

Well, like I said, it’s Mega Man.  Despite being almost identical to every other Mega Man game, it’s fun.  Plus it seems a lot easier than the NES games, which is saying quite a bit.  At first there are four bosses and levels from Mega Man 1, then you fight through a Dr. Wily stage and fight 4 more bosses from Mega Man two.  On an additional note, the rest of the Game Boy series nicely continues this trend, with MM2 having the remaining four Mega Man 2 NES bosses then four Mega Man 3 bosses.

Overall: 7/10

Pretty good if you like Mega Man games.  The only other MM GB game I’ve played though is Mega Man 2.  I think 5 had completely original robot masters, so you may want that instead if you don’t want NES rehashes.

Tip: My suggestion is to try beating Elec Man first, he has an easy pattern.  Then fry Ice Man, cool off, Fire Man, and finally, put the heat on Cut man.

Review – Mega Man 3 (NES)

1 Player

The Mega Man series, the greatest series ever.

You must control the Blue Bomber to once again defeat Dr. Wiley.

Graphics 9/10

Nice crisp Mega Man graphics.  Plus this game has one of the coolest looking sets of robot masters.  I suppose that I like this game makes me somewhat biased to the scores.  There is some slowdown though when there is more then like 2 enemies on the screen.

Music and Sound 9/10

Very good music.  While I was replaying it my brother commented on how cool the music in this game was just out of the blue.  It fits the theme and sounds nice for uh, NES music. The sounds are good as well.  Lots of little sound effects.

Gameplay 9/10

Lots of variety.  Some new things are introduced in this game, namely Proto Man and Rush.  Since this is the first MM game with these two elements it gets some bonus points.  It’s a very fun game too.  The Robot masters give a lot of variety.

Overall 9/10

This is definitely my favorite Mega Man game.  I think the only one coming close is MMX1. I would recommend this game definitely if you like Mega Man games and how could you not?


Hold Right and A on controller two for a super jump.  Now hold it and try jumping in a pit.

Review – Mischief Makers (N64)

1 Player

Graphics: 9/10
Despite being one of the few 2D games for the N64, I think the graphics on this game are amazing.  Very colorful, very detailed manga styled graphics.  Had this game included actual anime cut scenes it would have possibly been a 10.  Unfortunately the N64 is unsuited for FMV and the cut scenes are limited to sprite movement.  Anyway I really like the look of this game.

Music and Sound: 6/10

Nothing too spectacular.  The music is all similarly styled and is ok, but there has been better.  The sound effects are what you would expect, explosion, jumping sound etc. Marina’s “Shake Shake” gets somewhat annoying after the 5 billionth time you hear it, which is a drawback.  The speech is ok though there isn’t much of it.

Gameplay: 9/10

A nice original style for a side scrolling game.  Also since all the N64 games seem to the 3D clones of each other this game is a refreshing break in that repetition.  Basically you go around beating up on these little ball guys called Clancers with various objectives in each level.  some of the levels are laughably short however, but there are 60 levels to go through so it is somewhat made up for.  Also the more gold gems you have found (there is one in each level) the more of the ending you get to see, which adds to the replay value.

Overall 8/10

Another for the list of top 5 games here.  I love this game a lot.  I can see how it might turn some people off though since the whole thing is rather bizarre.  Also being a 2D game and not all that hyped I don’t think it did too well.  I would recommend it, especially if you like silly Anime style action.

Tip: There is a ‘Surprise Ending’ so it is somewhat worth it to get all 60 gold gems.  Don’t quit because you think that the rest of the ending is going to be credits.