Welcome to the About Page

I’ve written like a hundred of these over the years, I always hate writing them and they always seem like crap.  I guess I just hate writing about myself, as opposed to all of the other things in my life.

So let’s just run down some bullet points…

  • I often post online, like a whole lot.  Primarily either as myself Josh Miller or Ramen Junkie.
  • I’ve been “Ramen Junkie” almost as long as I have not been “Ramen Junkie”.  That’s also something like 15 or 16 years now.
  • I collect toys, and video games, and watch movies and other common hobbies and I like to blog bout them.  I’ve been doing this for almost as long as I’ve been “Ramen Junkie”.
  • I’ve run many blogs, I’ve killed many blogs.  This blog seems to never die, no matter how many times I kill it, it comes back.  I’ve killed it like a dozen times.  It used to be called The Chaos Xone, but it hasn’t been that since 2003 or so.  It is the Phoenix of Blogs…
  • I own too many toys, and too many games, one day maybe I’ll write shitty reviews of them all, but probably not because I really don’t do reviews anymore (this week).
  • I don’t use grade scales when I do write reviews.  They always seem kind of arbitrary and lame and generally meaningless.
  • I also write about technology over at [Blogging Intensifies], Mostly I ramble about unfinished IOT projects.
  • I also post about my personal life over at JoshMiller.net.  Except when I don’t, which is currently.  Don’t worry, I have all of my old personal blogs, and tech blogs, and Lameazoid reviews archived away and one day I’ll decide to re-post all of them to the archives shortly before deleting everything again in a fit of frustration.
  • I am in love with “Justified” layout.
  • When I am not “not blogging” I work as a TV Engineer.  Technically I haven’t been a Broadcast Engineer for 6 years now, but I still like to to think of that as the umbrella for my job.
  • Disclaimer, all opinions expressed in this blog and all of my blogs are my own and not those of my employer.  I pretty much make a point of never blogging about any topics that may cross this boundary though, even though I have strong opinions on some of those topics…
  • I like to try to sort of follow a blog schedule, I’ve never decided if it makes any difference on successful readership.
  • Feel free to like the Facebook Page, in addition to my posts, I sometimes share other fun things there.
  • There are other social links around as well, like Instagram and Twitter.