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Review – Mega Man Powered Up (PSP)

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It really disappoints me that this game never came out for anything aside from the PSP. I kind of loathe the PSP. I’ve looked into getting a PSP several times over many years, but the system relies on lots of Proprietary Sony extras, like the over priced Memory Stick Duo cards, and so I just, never bothered because by the time I got one and a decent sized memory card, I was looking at enough to buy a regular console.

I had actually kind of forgotten this game even existed for a while, despite being pretty excited about the idea when it was initially released. Mega man Powered Up is a ground up remake of the original Mega Man title. The claim is that it’s also faithful in every way, despite the visual updates, though that’s not really quite the case. There are quite a few changes to how the controls handle and enemies work, so it’s actually a bit awkward to play if you’re familiar with the mechanics of the Mega Man series.

There are two ways to play this game as well, “Classic” and “Powered Up”. Classic is essentially just the original game, using the updated visual style, though there are some slight adjustments here and there.

Powered Up is much more different. The field of view is a bit tighter, and thus the stages have been slightly redesigned. They do keep the spirit of the old levels though and many of the scenes are the same as the regular game, only a bight tighter. Also, Robot Master weaknesses have been shuffled a but to account for the two NEW bosses.

Right, two brand new bosses have been added. Unlike every other game in the Mega Man series, the original only had 6 Robot Masters to fight, all of the others have 8. This game adds Time Man and Oil Man. Both add a little bit of spice to how things work, though, not really in a useful way. Time Man is essentially just a remix of Flash Man and his power is just the Flash Stopper, though you can toggle your weapon while the world is frozen in time around you. Oil Man’s power drop is these little blobs of oil that can be used to directly shoot enemies, or dropped on the ground and used as a little sliding surf attack. The problem is, this surfing attack pretty much guarantees taking damage yourself, which makes it almost completely useless.

Also, Oil man has an extremely questionable design choice that really kind of looks like a racist blackface design. In fact in the NA version of this game he is recolored to be more dark navy blue colored and less black colored for this very reason.

Aside from the new bosses, the game itself has gone through a 3D facelift. It still retains it’s 2 dimensional game play, but everything is rendered in nice super deformed style 3D models now. It’s a really neat style that still manages to capture the core style of the Mega Man design aesthetic. This also means the levels themselves are much more visually interesting as well, with more lush styling and full background designs to make things richer.

There is also a neat new mechanic where you can play as the enemy Robot Masters themselves. If an enemy is defeated using only the Mega Buster, you “save” them instead of destroying them, which unlocks the ability to start a fresh game using that character. This can really change the dynamic of how the levels work as well, since it means having access to the different special abilities only. For the boss you are playing as, the end boss gets replaced with Mega Man himself, though he is wearing Proto Man’s gear.

Throughout the stages there are several collectibles to find, primary of which are additional unlocks for the game’s added Creative Mode. If you ever wanted “Mario Maker but its Mega Man”, this is it. You have to unlock the different enemy and tile sets, but you can design and play your own levels.

Overall, the game is a lot of fun and has a lot to offer. Maybe a little too much to offer if you’re an obsessive completionist. After beating the game once, the game said I had unlocked only 3% of everything. And I had been pretty thorough in my game play. My main disappointment is that the title apparently sold poorly, so Capcom never bothered to use this engine and character style to update all of the other Mega man games to be more modern in style.

Sentinel – Roll Caskett (AmiAmi Exclusive Ver)

I’m pretty picky anymore, so it’s not super often that I end up slightly disappointed with a figure, especially one that is expensive that I didn’t randomly pick up because it was marked down to nothing at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the 4 Inch Nel Roll Casket gets the pleasure of being slightly disappointing.

So, the figure itself is pretty decent, and I really like the Classic Megaman that I have. The real insult of this figure is the price and the dual release. The version I have is the exclusive version. It includes a hatless head and a mini figure of Data, the little save monkey from Mega Man Legends (Rockman Dash). The regular version has a hand holding a wrench and a head with Roll’s giant hat. The thing is, this figure is roughly $70 USD, and there really isn’t any reason that these two figures shouldn’t have just been “one release”.

What makes this really stand out is that in the same order, I received Figma Widowmaker, which is like twice as much figure and a ton of extra parts, for less cost. I mean, I realize these are different companies, and Figma is a lot bigger than Sentinel in terms of everything, but it really makes it obvious how much Roll is really price gouging it.

The figure itself looks good, all of the colors are nice and the sculpt looks really great for the most part. She holds together pretty well, in fact, I had a little bit of trouble getting her head apart to swap the faces it holds together so well. The joints though are a little ugly. Sentinel’s joint system works great on robots where everything is hidden by armor, it works a little less well on Roll, who is more human looking in appearance. She also has a little trouble with balance, primarily due to her skinny body and huge head. There is a stand to help hold her up, but it’s the huge claw style and kind of looks rediculous when wrapped around her.

Aside from the previous complaint of “the second figure should have just been accessories”, she really is kind of anemic on accessories. She has open hands and fist hands, though the open hands are very straight fingered and look a little weird looking. There are two face plates, one smiling, and one winking, a few more would have been nice given the cost of this figure. Then of course there’s Data, who has an articulated neck but not a lot else to do.

I don’t have a lot else to say. I hope she does all right because I would love to get Tron Bonne eventually, but I hope they have the sense not to split her up needlessly across two expensive releases. Another unrelated side note, I kind of wish Megaman Volnut would get a re-release, he’s pretty expensive on the secondary market these days, so my Roll is a little lonely. I have an old as the hills model kid but it looks pretty awful.

Sentinel – Mega Man (Classic)

Mega Man is one video game series I have extremely fond childhood memories of.  I’ve played and finished all of the games and Mega Man 3 is one title that I played religiously back in the day.  It’s a series that just begs for a good toy line but it seems like it will never achieve the greatness I had always hoped with hundreds of Robot Masters.  Years ago Jazwares put out a short lived line and I snapped all of them up, despite their mediocre quality.  I’ve dabbled a bit in some of the model kits as well.  The newest contender in the realm of Mega Man is Sentinel Toys.  Unfortunately they seem to just be keeping the same cycle of releasing only variations of Mega Man.  There was a Cut Man but it was part of a limited 2 pack.  I don’t think they have even ventured out into the realm of Proto Man, Bass, or Zero as of this review.

Sentinel Mega Man 4"

So I opted to pick up the standard classic Mega Man, to give the line a try.  These figures of course carry an import level price, but since they are a bit smaller they aren’t too far out on the high end.  Mega Man is small to be sure, he’s quite a bit smaller than I had expected, but he is sold and advertised as 4 inches, so I don’t really know what I expected.   The sculpt and design is nice and crisp, though there are a lot of visible joint seams.

Sentinel Mega Man 4"

The seams do sort of work here, given Mega Man is a robot, but it does break up the sculpt, especially when viewed from behind.  He does end up with a really nice range of articulation however as a result of all of these joints.  He can make many classic Mega Man style poses easily and holds them quite well.

Sentinel Mega Man 4"

Mega man includes a stand as well as a couple of alternate hands, an alternate face, and a blaster arm.  These are all easily swap-able and help give some variety for posing and display.  The little extra bits for storage are nice but they don’t really do a lot to keep the pieces together.

Sentinel Mega Man 4"

Is this the best Mega Man figure available?  It’s hard to say.  It’s better than the Jazwares one by light years, but Revoltech has put out a few nice looking Mega Man figures as well.  He also isn’t quite as stylized or squat as others may want in a Mega man figure, the design is closer to the newer artwork than the older artwork and the games.  He’s definitely a nice figure though, and relatively affordable as Imports go.  He also fits pretty well with other Video Game figures like the Figuarts Mario, Figma Samus and Figma Link.

Review – Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge (GB)

Capcom | 1 Player

What’s better than a console Mega Man game?  Well not necessarily a portable one, but who am I to say?  Too bad they left out Guts man and Bomb man.

Graphics: 7/10

It’s Mega Man, what do you expect?  Well ok, the Blue Bomber is now the Grey Bomber and he doesn’t change color when a different weapon is equipped.    The sprites seems big as well, which is a plus and a minus.  Plus, they are easy to see, there are less per screen, you don’t have to navigate for a mile to exit the screen, ect.  Minus because, it’s hard to dodge?  I suppose they may seem weird next to a NES Mega Man game.

Sound: 6/10

No new music really, it’s just rehashed from Mega Man one on NES.  I guess Elec Man’s theme will always be Elec Man’s theme.  The sound effects are Ok I suppose, nothing spectacular.

Gameplay: 8/10

Well, like I said, it’s Mega Man.  Despite being almost identical to every other Mega Man game, it’s fun.  Plus it seems a lot easier than the NES games, which is saying quite a bit.  At first there are four bosses and levels from Mega Man 1, then you fight through a Dr. Wily stage and fight 4 more bosses from Mega Man two.  On an additional note, the rest of the Game Boy series nicely continues this trend, with MM2 having the remaining four Mega Man 2 NES bosses then four Mega Man 3 bosses.

Overall: 7/10

Pretty good if you like Mega Man games.  The only other MM GB game I’ve played though is Mega Man 2.  I think 5 had completely original robot masters, so you may want that instead if you don’t want NES rehashes.

Tip: My suggestion is to try beating Elec Man first, he has an easy pattern.  Then fry Ice Man, cool off, Fire Man, and finally, put the heat on Cut man.

Review – Mega Man X4 (PS1)

1 Player

Graphics: 8/10
Standard Mega Man style graphics.  Despite being on the PSX there isn’t all that much
more detail in the characters than the SNES had.  Some of the animation is better I
suppose, though some seems kind of cheap.  The Anime cut scenes are a nice addition
though.  Some pretty large enemies which is kind of a nice upgrade, but I don’t
remember much of X2 and X3 so it may not be the first time.

Music and Sound: 6/10
Once again, it’s a Mega Man game.  Funky fast paced guitar sounding techno music, which
blaster sound effects thrown in.  There are voices in the cut scenes though and through
out the game.  Unfortunately the (English) dub isn’t very good.  Mega Man sounds too
young, the English accent isn’t all that great for Iris, Double’s voice doesn’t work
for his normal form.  Zero is tolerable, the Colonel is actually kind of good, and the
General definitely doesn’t match his massive size.  For the most part it’s not that the
voices are bad, they just don’t match the characters very well.  Than and some of the
lines are kind of cheesy.

Gameplay: 7/10
Not to sound repetitive, but if you have played any Mega Man games, the control and
general plot is the same in all of them.  Fight 8 robot masters, fight some end levels
and special bosses, fight all 8 masters again, then fight the end boss in his 3 forms.
X4 has a fairly weak plot thrown in about the Repliforce revolting but they seem generally
unmotivated by anything other then wanting to fight.  Double and Iris’s extra plot points
would have been more worth while had the two received more characterization, Double is
particularly bad on this point.  It’s fun to play though.  Zero is sweet to play and gets
even more sweet as you learn more sword techniques.

Overall: 7/10
If you are a fan of the Mega Man series, this one is a pretty good game.  Personally I
think playing Zero is worth the game itself.  Despite being like every other Mega Man
game, it is still fun, and the series is still a great one.

Tip: I would recommend fighting the Spider or the Ice guy first.