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Review – Snake Rattle and Roll (NES)

1-2 Players

The snakes Rattle and Roll must battle their way through a 3/4 overhead 2D world to uh..
I’m not sure what.  Battle giant feet, toilet seats and chomp Nibbly Pibblys.

Graphics: 7/10
Well he graphics are kind of nice, though it does suffer some from “What is that supposed
to be?” syndrome.  Mostly on the (seemingly) toilet seats you battle.  You also seem to
fight bells, drills, and giant feet.  The feet seem to be the bosses.  The game is set
in a sort of 3/4 overhead 3D aspect, which can be very confusing on controls.  You will
probably find your snake plummeting to his doom due to missing a platform you were sure
you hit.

Music and Sound: 8/10
The music and sound is pretty good in this game.  There are different songs for each stage
(I believe), and the sound effects are fairly numerous.  A lot of the enemies are silent
but on the other side, when your snake spits to bits of Ninbbly Pibbly after eating one
it makes a spitting sort of sound.  Probably part of the problem arises from hardware
limiting the number of effects that can be played at once.

Game Play: 7/10
This game is only so so on one player.  It’s real fun is the two player game, which is
the same as single player except you play simultaneously.  It just seems more fun to have
someone to compete against.  It also starts out easy but gets pretty hard near the later
levels.  I only recall ever beating this game once, and I think that was with the
assistance of a second player (and possibly a Game Genies level warp).

Overall: 7.7
A reasonably fun game for two players, I probably played this game as much as Bubble
Bobble with my brother way back when.  Nothing to go to lengths to find really though.

Tip: There are lots of hidden manhole cover warps.  They are usually unmarked (you can’t
see the manhole cover but it’s there) and usually in hard to reach places.

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