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Review – Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

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Once again Solid Snake must battle evil terrorists to stop them from using the Nuclear Warhead launching walking battle tank called Metal Gear.  An intense, involving story, and fantastic visual effects await ahead.

Graphics 9/10

While they occasionally seem pixilated when up close, you can’t really blame the programmers for limitation of the system they were using.  The camera angles are almost never wrong, the characters look great and varied, the cut scenes are very nice, and the character movement looks good.  One thing you could complain about is the lack of mouth movement during the 3D parts (the mouths move during comlink scenes), but once again, it’s probably more because of system limitations.

Music and Sound 10/10

This same has a great soundtrack.  The music always fits the mood and doesn’t get old. The sound effects are right on too.  There are footsteps, different gun shot sounds, background sounds, ect.  The voices are very good as well.  all of them sound believable for each character, which is usually the problem with dubbed voices.

Game Play 9/10

While the game may seem a little short after playing through a few times, there are two endings to find, plus some bonuses after completing the game that give it more life.  Though it doesn’t really need that much boost, the game is fun no matter how many times you replay it.  The different objectives are also varied enough that they don’t get too boring.  The bosses all play different and require different strategies. 

Overall 9.7/10

One more for the top games ever in my list.  This is a fabulous game that I would recommend to anyone who likes action games, or even RPGs, or games at all.  The story is complex and full of twists, and very good.  Plus it’s fairly cheap most places now, so you should have no reason not to own this game.

Tip: To beat Psyco mantis the easy way, switch the controller tot he second port at the beginning of the battle so he can’t “Read you mind”.  It IS possible to beat him otherwise though, I did the first time through, I recommend just staying low and punching him when
you can.  If you’re lucky you’ll get in a hit.

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