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Review – Ninja Gaiden (NES)

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1 Player

Kick ass classic Ninja action.

Graphics 8/10
Pretty good.  The sprites all look like what they are supposed to look like, though the
enemies are sometimes kind of weird, the cut scenes are pretty cool and often action
packed.  The graphics are good for NES level.  The opening sequence rocks.

Music and Sound 9/10
This game has great music too.  Fast paced music that fits the levels well, slower and
creepy music when appropriate during the cut scenes.  As for sound effects, they are
pretty sharp and quick, which fits the Ninja motif.  Basically they are believable in the
game setting.

Gameplay 8/10
Though it’s somewhat repetitive, the levels change enough that it doesn’t get old.  Plus
each level usually has several areas.  The buttons are plenty, one to jump, one to sword
swipe and a combination attack for special weapons.

Overall 8.4/10
An old classic that should be in your NES collection if possible.  I suppose you could
settle for one of the sequels or the Ninja Gaidan Trilogy for SNES, but the sequels are
harder (I don’t like them as much).  A great game though overall.

Tip: Uh, I got nothing, sorry.

Review – Snake Rattle and Roll (NES)

1-2 Players

The snakes Rattle and Roll must battle their way through a 3/4 overhead 2D world to uh..
I’m not sure what.  Battle giant feet, toilet seats and chomp Nibbly Pibblys.

Graphics: 7/10
Well he graphics are kind of nice, though it does suffer some from “What is that supposed
to be?” syndrome.  Mostly on the (seemingly) toilet seats you battle.  You also seem to
fight bells, drills, and giant feet.  The feet seem to be the bosses.  The game is set
in a sort of 3/4 overhead 3D aspect, which can be very confusing on controls.  You will
probably find your snake plummeting to his doom due to missing a platform you were sure
you hit.

Music and Sound: 8/10
The music and sound is pretty good in this game.  There are different songs for each stage
(I believe), and the sound effects are fairly numerous.  A lot of the enemies are silent
but on the other side, when your snake spits to bits of Ninbbly Pibbly after eating one
it makes a spitting sort of sound.  Probably part of the problem arises from hardware
limiting the number of effects that can be played at once.

Game Play: 7/10
This game is only so so on one player.  It’s real fun is the two player game, which is
the same as single player except you play simultaneously.  It just seems more fun to have
someone to compete against.  It also starts out easy but gets pretty hard near the later
levels.  I only recall ever beating this game once, and I think that was with the
assistance of a second player (and possibly a Game Genies level warp).

Overall: 7.7
A reasonably fun game for two players, I probably played this game as much as Bubble
Bobble with my brother way back when.  Nothing to go to lengths to find really though.

Tip: There are lots of hidden manhole cover warps.  They are usually unmarked (you can’t
see the manhole cover but it’s there) and usually in hard to reach places.

Review – Mega Man 3 (NES)

1 Player

The Mega Man series, the greatest series ever.

You must control the Blue Bomber to once again defeat Dr. Wiley.

Graphics 9/10

Nice crisp Mega Man graphics.  Plus this game has one of the coolest looking sets of robot masters.  I suppose that I like this game makes me somewhat biased to the scores.  There is some slowdown though when there is more then like 2 enemies on the screen.

Music and Sound 9/10

Very good music.  While I was replaying it my brother commented on how cool the music in this game was just out of the blue.  It fits the theme and sounds nice for uh, NES music. The sounds are good as well.  Lots of little sound effects.

Gameplay 9/10

Lots of variety.  Some new things are introduced in this game, namely Proto Man and Rush.  Since this is the first MM game with these two elements it gets some bonus points.  It’s a very fun game too.  The Robot masters give a lot of variety.

Overall 9/10

This is definitely my favorite Mega Man game.  I think the only one coming close is MMX1. I would recommend this game definitely if you like Mega Man games and how could you not?


Hold Right and A on controller two for a super jump.  Now hold it and try jumping in a pit.

Review – RBI Baseball (NES)

1-2 Players

Graphics: 5/10
Short squatty ball players don’t quite compare to some baseball games, especially
these newer once where the player look like themselves.  This is a pretty early game
I believe though, so it’s hard to expect much.  At least they are human for the most

Music and Sound: 3/10
There is like 1 tune in this whole game, it consists of 1 sound repeated at several
notes, every 10 notes or so.  It is VERY repetitive.  The sound effects are mostly
squeals of various kinds.  The ball pitching, the ump’s calls, etc.

Gameplay 4/10
The computer AI is quite predictable, and it’s nearly flawless, which can be quite
annoying.  If you hit a pop fly the computer will ALWAYS catch it for one.  However
it is quite easy to trick him into striking out.  If you can get into a groove it’s
really easy to win the game by the built in 10 run rule.

Overall 4/10
Not a bad game really considering it’s age.  Fun for a round or two of screwing around.
The overall score is just an average of the other scores or I may have set it a bit higher.

Tip: Use the sidearm or whatever they are called pitchers (The have a different animation
when pitching).  Pitch from the side the pitcher pitches from all the way to the opposite
side for easy strike outs.  This works for the most part.  It also makes it easy to
purposely hit the batter with the ball.

Review – Tecmo Super Bowl (NES)

1-26 Players (2 players at once max)

Graphics: 7/10
Nice NES graphics.  Personally I really like the view used for this game for a football
game.  I don’t care much at all for the newer more popular behind the quarterback style.
The cut scenes in this game are pretty nice as well, The intro is particularly nice.
It’s esy to tell what’s going on which is almost necessary for a football game if you
want to get the guy with the ball.

Music and Sound: 8/10
You can actually understand the digitized speech!  The announcer calls Touchdowns, the
QB call hike, and you can hear what they said.  Which is saying quite a bit for the NES.
There isn’t too much variety of music but it is pretty good music.  This game just has
some exceptionally good NES sounds going for it.

Gameplay: 8/10
I don’t care much for sports games but this once scores in my book.  Get it, scores!?
Ha!… never mind…  Anyway, you may ask, how can it be 26 players?  Well in the season
mode (the best part of the game) you can have all 26 teams be human controlled if you
like.  Thus you can have 26 people take turns playing to see who goes to the Super Bowl.
Granted this would take forever, but then the game saves the progress of the season, so
you can come back whenever you want.

Tip: Make sure to run back and forth (up and down) when you are going long distances.
Also the computer controlled players tend to dive a lot when they get close and are
easy to dodge.