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Review – Ninja Gaiden (NES)

1 Player

Kick ass classic Ninja action.

Graphics 8/10
Pretty good.  The sprites all look like what they are supposed to look like, though the
enemies are sometimes kind of weird, the cut scenes are pretty cool and often action
packed.  The graphics are good for NES level.  The opening sequence rocks.

Music and Sound 9/10
This game has great music too.  Fast paced music that fits the levels well, slower and
creepy music when appropriate during the cut scenes.  As for sound effects, they are
pretty sharp and quick, which fits the Ninja motif.  Basically they are believable in the
game setting.

Gameplay 8/10
Though it’s somewhat repetitive, the levels change enough that it doesn’t get old.  Plus
each level usually has several areas.  The buttons are plenty, one to jump, one to sword
swipe and a combination attack for special weapons.

Overall 8.4/10
An old classic that should be in your NES collection if possible.  I suppose you could
settle for one of the sequels or the Ninja Gaidan Trilogy for SNES, but the sequels are
harder (I don’t like them as much).  A great game though overall.

Tip: Uh, I got nothing, sorry.

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