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Review – RBI Baseball (NES)

1-2 Players

Graphics: 5/10
Short squatty ball players don’t quite compare to some baseball games, especially
these newer once where the player look like themselves.  This is a pretty early game
I believe though, so it’s hard to expect much.  At least they are human for the most

Music and Sound: 3/10
There is like 1 tune in this whole game, it consists of 1 sound repeated at several
notes, every 10 notes or so.  It is VERY repetitive.  The sound effects are mostly
squeals of various kinds.  The ball pitching, the ump’s calls, etc.

Gameplay 4/10
The computer AI is quite predictable, and it’s nearly flawless, which can be quite
annoying.  If you hit a pop fly the computer will ALWAYS catch it for one.  However
it is quite easy to trick him into striking out.  If you can get into a groove it’s
really easy to win the game by the built in 10 run rule.

Overall 4/10
Not a bad game really considering it’s age.  Fun for a round or two of screwing around.
The overall score is just an average of the other scores or I may have set it a bit higher.

Tip: Use the sidearm or whatever they are called pitchers (The have a different animation
when pitching).  Pitch from the side the pitcher pitches from all the way to the opposite
side for easy strike outs.  This works for the most part.  It also makes it easy to
purposely hit the batter with the ball.

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