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World of Warcraft – Part 19 – Return to Pandaria

RamenJunkie, Champion of the Orc cause, has arrived in Pandaria.

While RamenJunkie was my first character, I got tired of playing Hunter and switched to Warrior with Ramchan, who became my “Main”. A Main is a primary character with the most effort put into it, an Alt is a secondary character. An Alt can become a Main, but it can be a bit tricky to overcome the time investment in a Main.

Also, the little backstory one may create for your characters. I’ve got some vague backstory to most of my characters, it more or less relates to their actions and path through the game, but there are little liberties to flesh out a character. While Ramchan is Horde aligned, she is also Bloof Elf aligned, and cares more for their needs than the Horde or Orc needs. Her main story also revolved around destroying the Lich King for revenge against the destruction of the Sunwell. All of the stuff after was just supplemental adventures. Pandaria for the Horde was never an issue. For Ramchan, Pandaria was an adventure, but it became obvious that the Horde were helping to destroy the wonderous land of Pandaria, and Garrosh had to be stopped.

RamenJunkie is Horde all the way, and Orc all the Way. Even his path through the game put him directly under both Garrosh Hellscream and General Nazgrim repeatedly. RamenJunkie, Orc Hunter is fiercely loyal to the Orc cause, and does not care about the land of Pandaria beyond conquest.

Running through with RamenJunkie has been considerably more efficient than my run with Ramchan. I am much wiser and more attuned to how the game mechanics work mostly. When leveling Ramchan, the only stats i cared about were Armor and DPS. I hate to imagine what kind of cloth, plate, and leather mish mash I was wearing without realizing that Int is meaningless to a Warrior. I do know for a while I was emphasizing Stamina, but that is mostly for Tanks and a lot of Mail Hunter gear using Stamina. At least that would have been closer. Now I’m maximized and tweaked for maximum Crit and Hit like a good Fury Warrior.

with RamenJunkie, it’s considerably easier. For starters, there are way fewer classes that use Mail, so I can generally just “pick the mail quest reward”. I also went through a lot of the game in Heirloom Gear, which meant I mostly just picked the quest reward with the highest vendor value. I also understand iLVL and how it relates to stronger Gear, so when my Heirloom Gear stopped being useful at level 80 and 85, I knew how to drop a few thousand gold on the auction house to replace it with good gear that will last until I can grind Timeless Isle and run LFR.

I also was way less obsessed with exploring and questing for the sake of story. I’ve been there done that, so I could just cut to the chase more easily and get on with leveling.

It’s just, easier the second time around.

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