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World of Warcraft – TCG or Nothing Better to Discuss Edition

In case playing World of Warcraft on your PC isn’t enough, there is also a trading card game option available as well, so you can play when not on the computer. Technically the TCG has been discontinued since Blizzard has Hearthstone now, but the cards are still available. I have been avoiding these cards because I really have no desire to play the TCG and I don’t have anyone to play it with anyway. Unfortunately, my curiosity got to me finally and I ended up buying a few packs.

Why would I buy packs if I don’t care about the game? Simple, the packs also include “Loot cards” which can be redeemed for TCG exclusive items in the game. I figured, I could crush the itch for loot cards by buying a few packs, ending up with nothing or garbage, and then I’d be done with it.

Unfortunately, this didn’t quite happen. I ended up with an ok pet and a really neat mount, thing. The mount is the War Party Hitching Post, which honestly is one of the two things I knew was available via loot that I actually wanted (the other is the rare Giant Chicken). The Hitching Post is not an actual in game mount but it allows you to spawn a temporary mount.

So, unfortunately, buying these packs has had the opposite effect and now I want to buy more, which is an ugly rabbit hole to start running down. Fortunately the places I can buy packs locally are pretty limited (Target) and they only have so many available (maybe ten).

The cards themselves are nice I suppose. A lot of my TCG interest is in the fancy card art anyway. I have no idea what the rules are but there seems to be some sort of system around completing quest cards to make your heroes and units stronger. I have around 44 cards now, which probably isn’t enough to make a deck (the TCGs I know of and have played all usually need 60 cards for a deck) and I have no idea how interchangeable 60 random cards would be in a deck in the first place. As near as I can tell there are no resource cards (Energy, Mana, Land, Force Power) so I have no idea how cards are played.

That can all be learned I suppose. If i get enough cards I’ll probably look into it.

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