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World of Warcraft – Part 18 – Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Punch a Spider in Your Underwear

Since I’ve FINALLY finished with my Legendary Cloak quest, I’ve gotten back to business of completing the Loremaster achievement before Warlords of Draenor comes out. I’ve also been working on leveling up some alts to level 90, so I can have so variety for the new expansion. I’m not worried about uber gearing the alts, the new expansions tend to do a good job of gearing characters during the opening quests, I just want to get them up to the point where I can hit the ground running.

So I’ve been doing some zones on alts, and some zones on my main. The nice part of about old content on a max level character is that you can literally breeze through it and one hit every enemy. It’s a pure quest and story experience. The bad part about old content on a max level character is that some of the quests can be difficult or near impossible.

Like the quest depicted above. The quest is to weaken 7 spiders to Lunk the Ogre can get his jollies riding them around. It’s a silly pointless quest ultimately but it needs done. These spiders have around 3800 hp. My main, fully geared, hits for anywhere between 100-120k damage. Needless to say, “weakening” a spider is not something that is easily done.

The best I can do is strip off all of my gear, thus reducing my stats as much as possible. The end result is certainly a much softer hit, most of the time. Stripping down to the basics gives punches that hit for around 400 damage, definitely something I can work with. Except that occasionally there is still a critical hit for around 4,000, which of course, kills the spiders.

These sort of quests actually aren’t super common, probably for the reasons here, but they are there occasionally, and dealing with them can certainly be a bit tricky.

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