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World of Warcraft – Part 17 – The Legendary Cloak

So, after what feels like months of work, I’ve finally obtained my Legendary Cloak. This is a lengthy quest chain which rewards the player with an iLVL 600+ Cloak that includes a bonus proc for loads of extra damage. In the current game it is straight out the strongest item you can obtain. I was prepared to mostly complain about this quest line but after obtaining the Cloak, I have to admit, it felt pretty bad ass. A lot of the longest part comes from all of the repetitive grindy parts. The overall chain is broken down into Five chapters of varying lengths.

Chapter 1 requires a rep grind, and collecting 20 random drop items from Raids ( Sigil of Power and Sigil of Wisdom )

Chapter 2 involves a rep grind, a valor grind, and killing a mini world boss that is tricky to solo. It also involves winning PVP matches on two particular maps, something tricky for PVE folks.

Chapter 3 sends you on ANOTHER rep grind, and after 20 more random drops from Raids (20 Secrets of the Empire ). It also requires you to obtain 40 pieces of hard to get Trillium Bars, which is easy if you are a miner but expensive if you are not (I think I dropped 2-3k gold on the AH for these). After that you get a really tricky Solo scenario and an almost as tricky Solo mission. THEN you get to collect 12 more random Raid Drops (12 Titan Runestone ) and the Heart of the Thunder King.

I should probably mention, with these 52 Raid drop items. You only get them from bosses, the drop rate is ridiculously low, and you can only loot Raid bosses once a week. This is the absolute WORST part of this entire quest. Rep and Valor grind? Fine, I can handle those, Chasing these stupid stones and sigils and crap, running the same long ass raids repeatedly? I hate that. Raids queues can last an hour easily, then the Raid itself is another 30 minutes to an hour. If you’re lucky, you might get one drop in that two hours. This wouldn’t be so bad except Raids are horrible for secondary bonuses, like Gold, and Valor Points and Justice points. You’re already at level 90 so experience doesn’t even matter.

Chapter 4 gets easy, you visit each of the four Celestial temples and completed a Solo challenge battle depending on your class and spec. It took me 3 tries to win a 1v1 battle with Wrathion. It was simply a matter of learning the fight, learning when to doge, and when to burn him down.

Chapter 5 takes you to the timeless Isle, where you have to gather a handful of Timeless Coins (I already had this) and fight each of the Celestials, which is as simple as opening the Other Raid Queues and waiting for a group to add you. All of the Celestial battles are simple Tank and Spank fights. This will give you your upgraded Legendary Cloak. There is one more Raid to run to kill Garrosh in Seige of Orgrimmar but frankly, I enjoy doing that run and it’ll be a change from the other Raids over and over.

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