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Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: CotL Guide Part 5 – The Golden Wasteland

The Entire series can be found on this page.

Once the center of manufacturing in the World of Sky, now a desert wasteland of poison after the great war. This is the most dangerous of the normal zones, but a large margin. It is chock full of things trying to kill you all along the way. Even the water is trying to kill you, and it’s not even raining!

It’s definitely a horrific zone to traverse on the first run. It’s not super fun once you get more experience and more Flaps to fly with, but it’s not nearly as bad. To be clear, for anyone doing this zone for the first time, you will be attacked, you will get frustrated, you will lose WL to Krills.

It is inevitable.

It’s also super dark, even with the brightness turned up. So, let’s get started here.

Treasure Reef

There is one side space from the Social Area, so I’ll cover it real quick. Instead of taking the main path out, head tot he right and there will be a little boat. It leads to a Water Area. It’s a sort of little Atoll, space, with a Spirit Memory Quest chain on a little boat. The most notable part of this area is that it’ll teach the player the ability to swim.

Now, I’ll be blunt. I have not once found a use for swimming outside of this area. Ever. It doesn’t help that swimming has a “breathing mechanic” so you have limited time under water, which makes swimming a pain to do. There are also a couple of WL here as well.

The Nintendo Switch Area

The Social Space also houses the entrance to the Nintendo Switch area. Which I have never been to, because I don’t play on the Switch.

The Broken Temple

This is the first place you land after leaving through the proper path from the Social Area. It’s a large open desert with a large temple in the far end. There is a WL up high right near the beginning, though it takes a few flaps to be able to fly high enough to get it. The path is pretty much straight on, though there are some plants to burn and things to find straying off to the sides, mostly to the right side. to the right of the Temple entrance is another little boat that takes you to a side area I’ll get to next. Also the Sapling is near this boat.

It’s notable that when it’s Daily quest time in the Wasteland, all 4 of the daily candle pieces will be somewhere in this zone. Not beyond, and not in the Social Space (maybe one in the Social space occasionally?)

Also, something to watch out for, the water here, will drain energy and cause harm. And it’s full of crabs, who work like all the other crabs in the game.

Let’s start with the bonus side area first, the one with the (second) little boat.

The Forgotten Ark

This zone contains a large, beached, broken, Ark. Don’t confuse it for the Crab Fields, which also contain a large broken ship, this boat is much more Ark-like, and there is not a Krill patrolling around it. This is also a fun little area and one of my favorites honestly, especially after completing the Arc quest line.

There is a questline Spirit here, and like most of the other “Questline” spirits, this one was part of a previous season. All of these quests will take you to different realms where you must collect colored lights. Not to be confused with the occasional daily quest which is simply “catch the light” which is yellow/white colored. Though “catch the colored light” does ALSO show up as a daily quest. Each step of collecting these lights rebuilds a bit more of the Arc and makes it much more colorful. Completing the chain also unlocks some shops on the arc that let you buy various spells for candles any time.

Aside from the arc, there are several WL in this area, generally speaking, there is something “to do” at each of the 3 directions around the Arc, from the entrance. To the left, is a spirit and some wax to collect, straight on is another spirit and a cave with some wax. To the right is a cave with a bunch of crabs and another spirit.

There isn’t really a quick exit so it’s usually easiest to just teleport home from here. I believe returning to the little boat will return you to the main zone though.

The Graveyard Part 1 and the Krill

The Graveyard is sort of 2 parts, or more, it’s just really long. From the initial main path of the Broken Temple, you must enter the temple itself. This leads to The Graveyard, and the first encounter with a Krill, aka A Dark Dragon. These are the only other real enemy int he game besides the Crabs, and they make the Crabs look like absolutely nothing (because they are). This the the first, and only real threat in the entire game. You cannot defeat them, only hide or trick them. The Krills patrol an area along a set route that loops, looking for prey (players). During normal patrols, they emit a blue colored spotlight. When they spot a player, the light turns red and they rear back to strike after about ten seconds.

When they strike, they will hit the player and cause a loss of 3-4 Wing Lights and all current light level. The player also gets stuck crawling, often through damaging water. The WL can be recollected by any player in the area, so groups are helpful, and kind strangers are helpful.

The Krill relies on line of site, being “in” the spotlight does not matter. If the eye can’t see you, it should turn blue and you will be safe. It will track along though if you simply run though, even by flying away, so cover is 100% required to escape.

There are way to cheese the Krills. Some rare props can be dropped which will protect the player or at least stop the WL from going far. I have seen the Switch exclusive Mario Pipe Prop used for this. There is also a spell that lasts 1 minute which will protect from all attacks. The Krill still rear back and attack, but it does no harm.

On Mobile, it’s also possible to quickly drop to the home screen of the phone, wait around 15 seconds, then use the app switcher to go back to the game and the Krill will have struck, doing no damage. I have done this on Android, I hear it works on iOS as well.

This first Krill here is pretty easy to avoid, and often it will simply strike nothing near the entrance and fly off for a brief while (they respawn a bit after attacking and flying off).

For the first zone, it’s best, I find, to run to the left side, then fly across the water and quickly up across the bridge to avoid the Krill as it patrols along the right side. The middle area also provides some shelter if spotted.

The Graveyard Part 2 more Krills

After the first Krill encounter, there is a slide down to a large open area. The open area has, (I think) 4 Krill dragons patrolling the area. This is the most difficult area to navigate, outside of Eden.

Right off though there is a tunnel with a spirit gate that leads to an alternative path, The Crab Fields, talked about a bit more below.

There is a second entrance to the Crab Fields as well, on the far end, right side of the Graveyard, which can be useful as it’s easily reached without crossing paths with a lot of Krill.

Why bother with this area with all these Krill? I believe it’s required the first time, since the player won’t have enough Spirit Memories to open the Spirit gate. It also has 4 WL and a couple of Spirit Memories (one seasonal). There is also a big fat burnable darkness bush right in the center, that I doubt anyone has ever bothered to burn it because screw that.

It’s actually not super hard to wiz through this zone, you can bypass half of it by climbing up past the Crab Fields Pipe entrance and along the cliffs. The Social Bonfire is back here, there is a pan full of crabs you can rescue who will love you forever if you rescue them. Then you can Deep Call and carry them back and place them directly in the fire, instead of on the pan.


Next to the Social Fire is also a Seasonal Spirit. This is, the most difficult spirit to obtain, in the game. It has one of the coolest cosmetics though, when it shows up, with a Guitar instrument that costs a whopping 200 candles. This spirit is an escort quest. It takes around 6-7 minutes of slow travel to complete, if done quickly, and basically, slowly, walks across the Krill Patrolled Graveyard, through harmful water, surrounded by crabs. It is literally every threat rolled into one, and it is a slooooooow, looooong, walk.

After the Bonfire, there is a second exit to The Crab Fields, on the right side wall. The main path exit is across the krill Patrolled area, though by climbing the cliff, and watching the patrol patterns, it’s fairly easy to fly up and glide across to the exit.

The Crab Fields

As the name might imply, this area is full of crabs. Like…. a lot…. of crabs. It also has one Krill that patrols around the large shipwreck. Almost anywhere inside the shipwreck protects from the Krill though, so it’s not a huge issue. There are several WL in this area, one up high on the wall that is hard to catch without actively searching for it.

The crabs can be dealt with by deep calling of course, but there are a lot of them, so be wary.

Something also notable, that is worth mentioning. There is a 2 player locked door on either side of the shipwreck that seems to be a tunnel through the ship wreck. Except I believe you can just, fly around it, so I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this door is at all. One of the Spirit Memories passes into the door, which might cause some worry that it needs to be open to finish the memory. It doesn’t. Just, go around it through one of the holes in the boat.

The Battlefield

The final large zone, there isn’t a lot threatening here, just some pools of water, I don’t think there are even any crabs. It’s quite large though, and there is a large castle that can be tricky to climb when flaps are low with a WL on top. This is the wasteland from a battle, that I believe was “the battle” that sort of broke this world. Honestly, the lore in this game could be a biiiit more clear at times. I mean, everything is told through essentially a series of short picture book stories that can be hard to follow.

Another note, after activating the final pedestal, several Krills spawn into this area. Now, I’ve never had it happen to me, but I am not sure if this totally screws over anyone who may still be in the area behind you. i suspect not, but it does make going back a bit tricky. Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of reason to go back.

The Temple

Not much in here, the usual deal with the alter and some chunk of candles to collect. I mostly bring it up because it leads directly into the Vault Area, so when doing Candle runs or whatever, it’s good to just, keep going.

Sky: CotL Guide Part 4 – The Valley of Triumph

The Entire series can be found on this page.

The Valley of Triumph is the fourth area of Sky. It can be a bit tricky to navigate through as it contains a lot of “one way” paths. At least half of it’s paths are essentially one way, so navigating the entire thing will take several return trips. The first split occurs right at the Social Area starting zone. The main path leads to a downhill slide, a one way path, and the other leads through a cave to the Village, which is also, a one way path.

The threat level of this zone is very low. There are a few crabs in an easy to miss maze area right at the end, but nothing else harmful along the way. The theme of the zone is essentially “racing”.

Following along the main path, the first downhill slide is just a warm up for the later races and in the end, it drops into the Skating Rink.

Skating Rink

A few notable points here, there are a couple of easy to miss spirits off to the right hand side as you enter, one behind a 2 person locked door and the other being a Traveling Spirit near a long steep tunnel that won’t appear until after completing the game or if the spirit is the current TS. There is also a Winged Light under the Ice that could be easy to miss.

Also notable, when the Daily quest candles appear, they will all be in the Starting Zone (1-2) and the Skating Rink area. It’s also one of the areas where Red Shard Events can occur.

There are two routes to go from the Skating Rink as well, both one way as well, but both very similar.

The Races

There are two races from the Skating Rink area, both work the same way and end at the Colosseum. One is sort of the “main path” which is just a simple downhill slide race against up to 7 other players.

The other is a bit more involved and has a large open zone before the race. There are several spirits in this open zone, and a fair amount of candles. It’s also where the Rainbow Daily quest occurs in The Valley. The follow up race is a flight based race through the crowds that ends in a shorter downhill slide race.

For both races, you get a reward of (I believe) 150 candles, in order to receive these candles you need to collect at least one of the pieces of light to collect during the race. You don’t need to win or collect all of them. In fact there is no reward for collecting them all. At one point in the history of Sky it did matter, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

The Colosseum

Just before the end is the Colosseum. It’s a pretty straight forward zone. There are several spirits in the area, including a couple of stages for the Skater Spirit (discussed more in the village). There is a Winged Light that is easy to miss hiding at the top of the left giant statue next to the exit. This place is also home to the simplest spirit in the game, there is a fan in the stands that has ONE stage you simply activate it and follow it to one place and it’s done. You can exit to the Village from the Colosseum as well through the exit up in the stands.

The Aurora Spirit is here as well, and it’s where the Concert took place.

The Alter Chamber

The final area, like many others contains the final spirit alter. There is a large chunk of candles to be had here by lighting them all up, so it’s worth stopping in for candle runs. There is also an easy to miss little maze area with some crabs and an escort spirit off to the left side. The Social Campfire for the Valley zone is inside this maze as well.

If you’re doing candle runs the transition from the Alter to the Wasteland Zone is slow and long so it’s worth teleporting home an just using the portal after the initial visit where you must travel normally.

The Village, Mountain Peak, Theater, and Music House

The Village can be used to bypass all the races and other nonsense and quickly reach the colostrum. It was really useful during the Spirit of Aurora. It contains access to three additional areas only accessible from the Village. The first is the Theater. There is a little quest line where you put on a play that is entirely contained within the theater. After progressing this quest line for a bit you can enter the Music Shop, which sells instruments and has places to practice with the in game music system.

The main area contains a Skater near the little pond in the middle. The Skater also has a little quest line that can be done in order, which involves the Skater learning and practicing her technique, and culminates in the Colosseum. The quests from this are scattered through the village, Colosseum and the third zone accessible from the village.

At the far end there are two sets of Gondolas that can be activated. One leads to the Colosseum, the other leads to the Peak. The peak contains one of the Skater quests, and is an area where red shards can spawn. There are also a couple of Winged Lights here, one in a hidden cave along the down slope path that can be easily missed. Otherwise there isn’t a lot here.

One last thing I wanted to mention here, the Village contains a hot spring that shows up frequently for Daily quests. It’s way up high on the mountain top opposite of the main entrance, above the Theater entrance.

Sky: CotL Guide Part 3 – The Hidden Forest

The Entire series can be found on this page.

This is the 3rd zone of the game and the first that poses an actual threat to players, especially low “level” new Moth players. Its continuous rain will cause a constant drain on the player’s light level and eventually start causing harm, draining Winged Lights. It’s relatively easy to avoid this by simply finding cover and recharging. Experienced players won’t really find this a threat at all and the zone is one of the most peaceful and relaxing areas of the game in the long term of things. It also probably the one zone players will return to the most. It has a pretty generous amount of Wax scattered throughout as well as Grandma’s table which is the best place in the game to farm wax.

The Clearing

There are two easily missed extra areas right out of the gate from the starting social area, but I’m going to touch on them later as they are intended to be visited during return trips. Also just to get it out of the way, Seasonal Candles all tend to be in the Social Area or one of the three sections of the Clearing.

The first section has no rain, and is where this zone gets it’s name, as it’s a wide open area in the forest. A few notable points here, there is a WL hidden up high in the trees, using the clouds along the edge can be helpful to get up there but it may not be easily possible with a low level of WL to get the altitude needed. This area also is where the Sapling spawns in the Forrest.

After passing through the first gate, there is a little walled of area containing a spirit. It also starts raining here, and the rain does not let up until the end of the Hidden Forrest, aside from a few aside special zones. Something else worth mentioning here, there is a little cave down in the lower section, it contains some light up paintings, but serves no other purpose. It was used in a past season, but no longer contains anything meaningful aside from being a nice little hang out spot.

The rock walled area contains another gate to the third area. This wall can also be flown over. The third area is more clearing space, with a small sort of tree house off to the left hand side. There are a few spirit memories here, though only one is a non seasonal spirit so they won’t be visible until the game has been completed once. Also, this tree house area should not be confused with the Tree House Zone, which is it’s own separate special area, which I’ll touch on later.

The third area contains another gate which leads to the next zone. Just a side note, in my experience, this final gate is super buggy, and if you have enough WL, it’s easier to fly over the gate, then walk back towards the gate, to trigger the zone transition.

Forrest Brook

There’s a lot going on in this area. There are a lot of small tunnels and caves which contains wax and spirits. There are a few WL and Candle nests up high as well. The zone is also full of glowing mushrooms on the sides of trees that will refill your light when you float on top. This can be useful when climbing up high, as even with a limited number of flaps, a player can jump between these glow mushrooms and get up high. Off to the right just after the entrance is a spirit gate that requires all 8 Spirit Memories from the Forrest, it leads to the area with Grandma’s Table, which I will get to later.

This zone also contains the Social Campfire up high on the right hand size of the zone (from the entrance). Mostly, there is a lot to explore here and find, and the best way is to just sort of, fly around, though it’s best done with lots of WL so the rain isn’t as much of a problem.


The third area is frequently known as the Boneyard. It’s pretty large though a lot of the last half is just one big open area. The main path leads down a tree tunnel to the right, which dumps into the wide open area at the end. There is also an alternative path to the left which leads over a little pond with a lot of glowing tree mushrooms. There isn’t a lot down either path that is notable, aside from a spirit memory that tracks down the Tree Tunnel. At the “end” of the mushroom path, up high, is a WL locked high in a cage, but it’s easily reachable from the open space area at the end.

What is notable about this early section is that way high on the right, is another little tree house area. Once again, not to be confused with the Tree House Zone. There are a few spirits up here and a little mini game to race and collect special light objects. It’s actually kind of tricky to get up here even with a lot of WL, because it’s so high up and there isn’t a good place to recharge up in the area. It’s actually better, I find, to just walk and climb, so you have WL available at the top.

There is also a WL hidden in a large open tree up in this area (slight lower and on wards towards the end) that I can never find when I need it.

The open area at the end is pretty straight forward on it’s main math. There are a series of triggers to light up that will build a bridge across the water, then raise a series of jellyfish up that can be used as stepping stones up to the temple. Off to the right is a platform with a cave under it where a lot of wax is located inside some Darkness plants. There is also a secondary entrance to the Grandma Table Area.

The Temple

The Forrest Temple is pretty notable because there are several darkness plants to burn, including a large one (that requires at least two players), so it’s worth going in. It’s also worth viewing the cut scene at the alter because the small pond zone just after the temple has some darkness to burn and an easy to access WL. Moving on to the Valley of Triumph though is optional after doing it once. It’s a fairly long flight between zones, so it’s usually worth just teleporting home and using the portals.

Elevated Clearing

Also known as “The Grandma Table Area”. There is a little size zone here that has a fair amount of Darkness plants and wax, but more notably contains Grandma. Every other hour, from 35 after to 45 after (come a bit early), a friendly Grandma will appear at the large table in the center of this zone and serve up balls of wax every minute or so. There are almost always gatherings of players at this time. Doing this ten minute run is worth 4-6 candles, depending on how many candles you have collected previously. It can be done roughly 1.5 times per day. It’s 1.5 because halfway through the second run, it maxes out on the amount of wax allowed and wax stops appearing (for you only). There are a few other similar events, the Geyser just before and Turtle just after, in Sanctuary Islands being the most notable, but neither is worth white as much Wax.

Time for the event depends on one’s time zone, for myself, in the central time zone, it occurs on the even numbered hours.

The Underground Cavern

From the Elevated Clearing a secret underground cavern can also be accessed. Inside a tree near the “Exit” a two player floor panel can be broken, which drops the player down into a large open cavern. I strongly advise having a lot of WL for this cavern. It’s not a hard zone, but it’s a massive open space cavern so it requires a LOT of flight (this WL Flaps) to get around it easily. Even taking advantage of the various regenerating sources in the cavern. There are 4 WL in this space to gather as well.

The Tree House

This is an interesting side zone related to a previous season. I also would recommend not doing the spirit guide quests unless you have someone to do them with, but it’s worth going for the couple of WL. This is one of the two easily missed zones from the initial flight from the Social Area. About halfway down the cloud tunnel will be some small land “islands” showing. The first one contains a small cave that can be used to access the Tree House.

The zone itself is a giant, multi leveled tree and is a popular hang out spot. There is a Seasonal Guide spirit who gives out multiple activities but every activity requires an increasing number of players. The second needs two players, I believe the third needs 3 players. Etc. It’s worth NOT doing this, because other wise, as is my case, every time you enter a related zone, you get a special cut scene, until you finish the special quest.

Which is annoying.

After doing each of these quests, it unlocks a special exit to each of the zones in the Hidden Forrest.

The Wind Paths

The other easily missed zone, is the Wind Paths. Immediately after leaving the Social Space, there is a hidden entrance high in the clouds that leads here. There is a multi quest giver here as well. All of these quests are done within the Wind Paths, and once completed, it unlocks shortcuts between all of the larger zones (Prairie, Forrest, Valley, Wasteland, Library). Though I am not sure they are really all that short.

Also notable, there are times when the Wind Paths are “bugged” for some reason. From what I gather, the bug is most often related to Seasonal Candles and teleporting home from within the Wind Paths. So mostly just, don’t do that.

Sky: CotL Guide Part 2 – The Daylight Prairie

The Entire series can be found on this page.

This is the first full regular zone of the game and the second zone overall. It continues a bit of the trend from the Isle of Dawn though in sort of introducing some mechanics of things to the player including spirit doors and multi player doors. There are some of these in the Idle of Dawn of course, but they are way off the main path and not likely to be noticed on a first time visit.

There are some branching paths, but for the sake of candle runs, there is actually a pretty straight forward one way path that only really overlaps one zone, so, I’ll mostly follow that for this little write up.

Unlike the Isle of Dawn, this zone has a Social Area that the player drops into, where outfits can be changed and spirit memory spirits can be accessed once unlocked. The social area is also where the sapling can be found for daily quests and it often contains 1-2 seasonal candle parts.

Butterfly Field

The first zone is often referred to as the Butterfly field. It’s a large open space with a very large rock in the middle and 3 exits. There are a couple of spirit gates, one with a WL, the other just containing some candles. Any remaining Seasonal Candle parts will be in this zone. There are a few candles to be had, the most are in the cave near the end.

On the initial visit most likely you’ll need to just go straight on the Village area, but for candle runs, it’s best to exit to the left side (from the entry area) to the Caves.

Caves Area

What a boring name, but it’s a pretty boring area. There are an ok amount of candles in this area, I find it’s best to start off going across the cloud lake, then up to the right through the small tunnel to the Social Campfire. After collecting a bit from the campfire, head back and down and straight across. There is a spirit door here, though it requires a spirit from the Hidden Forest. If you have one, head through this gate for a spirit memory and some candles. It loops back to the main path.

There are some holes up high, one in the main larger chamber contains a WL, but the rest mostly just lead to out of bounds areas. Along the “exit” tunnel, there is also a second WL up high. Both of these are pretty easy to miss. Occasionally there will be a red shard event in this area as well. Exiting leads to the next zone.

The Villages

I’m not real sure what makes this a village, it has a few little monument things and several spirits in little caves, but otherwise it’s more like a series of islands surrounded by clouds. There are quite a few candles in this zone to collect across the little islands as well as several spirit memories and a few WL. Once all three of the beacons are lit, Rohan will ride to the aide of Gondor. Or well, a bunch of large Mantas will fly in and swoop around. On early trips, the next path is to ride a manta up to the temple, or just fly along the clouds.

If you have at least 6 spirits from The Daylight Prairie there is a better path. On the right most beacon island, there is a door that takes two people to open. Inside this door is a spirit gate locked by 6 spirits. (Technically this is a separate zone) Past this gate, is a room with a platform and a lock that requires a whopping 8 players to unlock it. This may seem daunting but just waiting for a few minutes, usually will cause additional players to spawn in and the platform can be raised. There are a large amount of candles at the top of this platform.

The platform is flanked by some large trees, one contains a WL. Another has yet ANOTHER multi person puzzle. if 7 people gather and hold a pose for a few minutes, it spawns a small dog that players and play with and ride on. Sadly, you don’t actually get the dog to keep. But it’s neat and one of the little hidden things in the game.

Heading out from here through the portal leads back to the Villages, except it exits up by the Temple entrance. Something notable, sometimes there is a red shard event up here. There are also a couple of WL up on top of the temple that are easy to miss.

The Temple

Inside the temple is pretty bland. There are a few candles to light for wax, and of course the Alter. For straight moving on, the Temple exit leads directly into the Social Area of the Hidden Forest. But for Candle runs, it’s best to turn and exit the temple.

Fly back across the villages to the left side little platform up in the clouds and heads to the next zone.

The Bird Nest

This zone is also accessible from The Butterfly Field, when exiting through the spirit gate on the right hand side. If you’re just going straight to Sanctuary Islands and not doing a candle run.

There Bird Nest both has a lot going on and almost nothing going on. When the Green Light comes up on Daily quests, it’s in this zone. There are a few places that Red Shard Events happen here. There are some wax points, but none of them are particularly large and flying around is tedious so it’s not really worth going for them. Most of the time it’s easiest to just pass through down through a cloud tunnel to the left from the Village, or straight across from the Butterfly Field, to the Sanctuary Island.

Sanctuary Island

Unlike the Bird Nest, there is a lot going on here, and it’s one of the more frequent zones to visit for it. There is a lot of wax to be had from burning darkness to lighting candle cakes to visiting the Geyser or Turtle events. Both happen every other hour (even hours in Central Time Zone). I believe Geyser is around 20 after and Turtle is around 50 after. With the Grandma Table in the Hidden Forest in between.

There is also a multi quest giving spirit here, which will have to do tasks around the sanctuary island. Plus several regular spirits.

It’s also, in general, one of the prettiest zones to just hang out in.

Anyway, there also isn’t an easy way out, so it’s best to just teleport home when done.

Sky: CotL Guide Part 1 – The Isle of Dawn

The Entire series can be found on this page.

When you first drop into the game, you start on the Isle of Dawn. It’s actually a deceivingly complex zone, that designed in a way that hides this fact. Part of what helps this is that on the initial visit, it very much hand holds you through the trip. It pushes you through the opening cave, then later encourages you to go and collect that first Winged Light upgrade, and then to fly up the little cliff, and from there there are obvious cues in the form of two obvious, large hills, and a giant castle up in the sky.

The first trip funnels you right up to that castle. And given the level of availability and WL, that’s about the only option for where to go. There also isn’t a lot of incentive to return here much. It never has daily quest content, there aren’t a ton of wax spots, there isn’t a lot of seasonal content here. Why bother?

At some point, you go back, and realize, there are a lot of little extra places to go here.

The Desert Area

I am not sure that’s the official name, but that’s essentially what it is. MOST of the Isle of Dawn is this huge empty desert. It has a couple of large hills and leads up to the Temple. But there is quite a bit more here. The large rock at the opening that the game tunnels you through, can be climbed. Off tot he left, in a hard to see area is a tunnel that goes very deep and contains a seasonal spirit. There is a little cave and mountain area hidden among the clouds high and to the right of the desert as well.

There is also a tunnel through the clouds off to the right of the main Temple Path that leads to the Trials.

But on the main path, to the Temple.

The Temple

Like every other zone, there is an Elder Temple and alter at the end of The Isle of Dawn. Any collected spirit memories will show up here and give you options to unlock rewards. There is a cave hidden on the left hand side behind a spirit gate and a cloud tunnel going off on the left hand side.

The Hill

I mentioned the hill off to the left of the desert. There isn’t a lot there, but it’s hardish to see since it’s so high up. There is a Winged Light up there and a Seasonal Spirit that requires some puzzling to retrieve. I believe it also requires multiple people to do the puzzles, which is a pain.

The Trials

This is the real hidden meat of this zone. Through a cloud tunnel to the right of the Temple path is the entrance to the Trials. There are 4 of them, and they must be done in order the first time. They are actually pretty difficult, especially the last one, the Trial of Fire, which basically requires a map.

Each Trial also has a seasonal spirit available, once you have completed Eden once.

All of the trials remove your cape and ability to fly, though dying during the trial just resets to a checkpoint.

The Trial of Water

The first trial is Water. It’s a series of small islands, some of which must be raised by activating small alters, in the middle of an ice island. The island has water which flows up and down, covering most of the island’s surface (hence small islands, on a large island). Touching the water is instand “death”. This trial is a lot of patience waiting for the timing of the water flow and discerning the correct path. Completing the trial rewards one WL and gives access to the second trial.

The Trial of Earth

Honestly this feels like the easiest of the four trials. It’s basically a big mase with a bit of platforming. There isn’t a lot of risk most of the time, it’s just being able to keep track of where and when to go back to a door that was just opened.

Like all the trials, completion yields a WL and unlocks the next trial.

Trial of Wind

This one can be tedious. It’s a LOT of platforming, over a pit, with moving platforms, and often little wind based momentum pushing jump platforms, that are extremely flakey.

Trial of Fire

Definitely the hardest trial. Find a map online. Trust me, you want a map, and you will STILL die a lot and get lost. All of the online maps suck.

The trial itself takes place in complete darkness. Don’t bother raising your phone brightness or anything, it’s black as black can get. Stepping into the darkness means death within around ten seconds. The trial consists of lighting candles along the path and following the path. Most of the time, you can’t see the next candle, so it’s a literal shot in the dark. During the 2nd stage there are these large worm things that patrol around and will kill you, on stage 3, there are even more of them. Did I mention it’s black as black, and the worms are also black? You can sometimes see their eyes, but many times you only hear them coming.

It’s rough, and annoying, and kind of awful. I think in theory you can Deep call as a sort of sonar, but it doesn’t really help at all.

All that said, I do kind of enjoy the challenge of the trials, but I am not running out to do them over and over.