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Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: CotL Guide Part 2 – The Daylight Prairie

The Entire series can be found on this page.

This is the first full regular zone of the game and the second zone overall. It continues a bit of the trend from the Isle of Dawn though in sort of introducing some mechanics of things to the player including spirit doors and multi player doors. There are some of these in the Idle of Dawn of course, but they are way off the main path and not likely to be noticed on a first time visit.

There are some branching paths, but for the sake of candle runs, there is actually a pretty straight forward one way path that only really overlaps one zone, so, I’ll mostly follow that for this little write up.

Unlike the Isle of Dawn, this zone has a Social Area that the player drops into, where outfits can be changed and spirit memory spirits can be accessed once unlocked. The social area is also where the sapling can be found for daily quests and it often contains 1-2 seasonal candle parts.

Butterfly Field

The first zone is often referred to as the Butterfly field. It’s a large open space with a very large rock in the middle and 3 exits. There are a couple of spirit gates, one with a WL, the other just containing some candles. Any remaining Seasonal Candle parts will be in this zone. There are a few candles to be had, the most are in the cave near the end.

On the initial visit most likely you’ll need to just go straight on the Village area, but for candle runs, it’s best to exit to the left side (from the entry area) to the Caves.

Caves Area

What a boring name, but it’s a pretty boring area. There are an ok amount of candles in this area, I find it’s best to start off going across the cloud lake, then up to the right through the small tunnel to the Social Campfire. After collecting a bit from the campfire, head back and down and straight across. There is a spirit door here, though it requires a spirit from the Hidden Forest. If you have one, head through this gate for a spirit memory and some candles. It loops back to the main path.

There are some holes up high, one in the main larger chamber contains a WL, but the rest mostly just lead to out of bounds areas. Along the “exit” tunnel, there is also a second WL up high. Both of these are pretty easy to miss. Occasionally there will be a red shard event in this area as well. Exiting leads to the next zone.

The Villages

I’m not real sure what makes this a village, it has a few little monument things and several spirits in little caves, but otherwise it’s more like a series of islands surrounded by clouds. There are quite a few candles in this zone to collect across the little islands as well as several spirit memories and a few WL. Once all three of the beacons are lit, Rohan will ride to the aide of Gondor. Or well, a bunch of large Mantas will fly in and swoop around. On early trips, the next path is to ride a manta up to the temple, or just fly along the clouds.

If you have at least 6 spirits from The Daylight Prairie there is a better path. On the right most beacon island, there is a door that takes two people to open. Inside this door is a spirit gate locked by 6 spirits. (Technically this is a separate zone) Past this gate, is a room with a platform and a lock that requires a whopping 8 players to unlock it. This may seem daunting but just waiting for a few minutes, usually will cause additional players to spawn in and the platform can be raised. There are a large amount of candles at the top of this platform.

The platform is flanked by some large trees, one contains a WL. Another has yet ANOTHER multi person puzzle. if 7 people gather and hold a pose for a few minutes, it spawns a small dog that players and play with and ride on. Sadly, you don’t actually get the dog to keep. But it’s neat and one of the little hidden things in the game.

Heading out from here through the portal leads back to the Villages, except it exits up by the Temple entrance. Something notable, sometimes there is a red shard event up here. There are also a couple of WL up on top of the temple that are easy to miss.

The Temple

Inside the temple is pretty bland. There are a few candles to light for wax, and of course the Alter. For straight moving on, the Temple exit leads directly into the Social Area of the Hidden Forest. But for Candle runs, it’s best to turn and exit the temple.

Fly back across the villages to the left side little platform up in the clouds and heads to the next zone.

The Bird Nest

This zone is also accessible from The Butterfly Field, when exiting through the spirit gate on the right hand side. If you’re just going straight to Sanctuary Islands and not doing a candle run.

There Bird Nest both has a lot going on and almost nothing going on. When the Green Light comes up on Daily quests, it’s in this zone. There are a few places that Red Shard Events happen here. There are some wax points, but none of them are particularly large and flying around is tedious so it’s not really worth going for them. Most of the time it’s easiest to just pass through down through a cloud tunnel to the left from the Village, or straight across from the Butterfly Field, to the Sanctuary Island.

Sanctuary Island

Unlike the Bird Nest, there is a lot going on here, and it’s one of the more frequent zones to visit for it. There is a lot of wax to be had from burning darkness to lighting candle cakes to visiting the Geyser or Turtle events. Both happen every other hour (even hours in Central Time Zone). I believe Geyser is around 20 after and Turtle is around 50 after. With the Grandma Table in the Hidden Forest in between.

There is also a multi quest giving spirit here, which will have to do tasks around the sanctuary island. Plus several regular spirits.

It’s also, in general, one of the prettiest zones to just hang out in.

Anyway, there also isn’t an easy way out, so it’s best to just teleport home when done.

Sky: CotL Guide Part 1 – The Isle of Dawn

The Entire series can be found on this page.

When you first drop into the game, you start on the Isle of Dawn. It’s actually a deceivingly complex zone, that designed in a way that hides this fact. Part of what helps this is that on the initial visit, it very much hand holds you through the trip. It pushes you through the opening cave, then later encourages you to go and collect that first Winged Light upgrade, and then to fly up the little cliff, and from there there are obvious cues in the form of two obvious, large hills, and a giant castle up in the sky.

The first trip funnels you right up to that castle. And given the level of availability and WL, that’s about the only option for where to go. There also isn’t a lot of incentive to return here much. It never has daily quest content, there aren’t a ton of wax spots, there isn’t a lot of seasonal content here. Why bother?

At some point, you go back, and realize, there are a lot of little extra places to go here.

The Desert Area

I am not sure that’s the official name, but that’s essentially what it is. MOST of the Isle of Dawn is this huge empty desert. It has a couple of large hills and leads up to the Temple. But there is quite a bit more here. The large rock at the opening that the game tunnels you through, can be climbed. Off tot he left, in a hard to see area is a tunnel that goes very deep and contains a seasonal spirit. There is a little cave and mountain area hidden among the clouds high and to the right of the desert as well.

There is also a tunnel through the clouds off to the right of the main Temple Path that leads to the Trials.

But on the main path, to the Temple.

The Temple

Like every other zone, there is an Elder Temple and alter at the end of The Isle of Dawn. Any collected spirit memories will show up here and give you options to unlock rewards. There is a cave hidden on the left hand side behind a spirit gate and a cloud tunnel going off on the left hand side.

The Hill

I mentioned the hill off to the left of the desert. There isn’t a lot there, but it’s hardish to see since it’s so high up. There is a Winged Light up there and a Seasonal Spirit that requires some puzzling to retrieve. I believe it also requires multiple people to do the puzzles, which is a pain.

The Trials

This is the real hidden meat of this zone. Through a cloud tunnel to the right of the Temple path is the entrance to the Trials. There are 4 of them, and they must be done in order the first time. They are actually pretty difficult, especially the last one, the Trial of Fire, which basically requires a map.

Each Trial also has a seasonal spirit available, once you have completed Eden once.

All of the trials remove your cape and ability to fly, though dying during the trial just resets to a checkpoint.

The Trial of Water

The first trial is Water. It’s a series of small islands, some of which must be raised by activating small alters, in the middle of an ice island. The island has water which flows up and down, covering most of the island’s surface (hence small islands, on a large island). Touching the water is instand “death”. This trial is a lot of patience waiting for the timing of the water flow and discerning the correct path. Completing the trial rewards one WL and gives access to the second trial.

The Trial of Earth

Honestly this feels like the easiest of the four trials. It’s basically a big mase with a bit of platforming. There isn’t a lot of risk most of the time, it’s just being able to keep track of where and when to go back to a door that was just opened.

Like all the trials, completion yields a WL and unlocks the next trial.

Trial of Wind

This one can be tedious. It’s a LOT of platforming, over a pit, with moving platforms, and often little wind based momentum pushing jump platforms, that are extremely flakey.

Trial of Fire

Definitely the hardest trial. Find a map online. Trust me, you want a map, and you will STILL die a lot and get lost. All of the online maps suck.

The trial itself takes place in complete darkness. Don’t bother raising your phone brightness or anything, it’s black as black can get. Stepping into the darkness means death within around ten seconds. The trial consists of lighting candles along the path and following the path. Most of the time, you can’t see the next candle, so it’s a literal shot in the dark. During the 2nd stage there are these large worm things that patrol around and will kill you, on stage 3, there are even more of them. Did I mention it’s black as black, and the worms are also black? You can sometimes see their eyes, but many times you only hear them coming.

It’s rough, and annoying, and kind of awful. I think in theory you can Deep call as a sort of sonar, but it doesn’t really help at all.

All that said, I do kind of enjoy the challenge of the trials, but I am not running out to do them over and over.