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Sky: CotL Guide Part 4 – The Valley of Triumph

The Entire series can be found on this page.

The Valley of Triumph is the fourth area of Sky. It can be a bit tricky to navigate through as it contains a lot of “one way” paths. At least half of it’s paths are essentially one way, so navigating the entire thing will take several return trips. The first split occurs right at the Social Area starting zone. The main path leads to a downhill slide, a one way path, and the other leads through a cave to the Village, which is also, a one way path.

The threat level of this zone is very low. There are a few crabs in an easy to miss maze area right at the end, but nothing else harmful along the way. The theme of the zone is essentially “racing”.

Following along the main path, the first downhill slide is just a warm up for the later races and in the end, it drops into the Skating Rink.

Skating Rink

A few notable points here, there are a couple of easy to miss spirits off to the right hand side as you enter, one behind a 2 person locked door and the other being a Traveling Spirit near a long steep tunnel that won’t appear until after completing the game or if the spirit is the current TS. There is also a Winged Light under the Ice that could be easy to miss.

Also notable, when the Daily quest candles appear, they will all be in the Starting Zone (1-2) and the Skating Rink area. It’s also one of the areas where Red Shard Events can occur.

There are two routes to go from the Skating Rink as well, both one way as well, but both very similar.

The Races

There are two races from the Skating Rink area, both work the same way and end at the Colosseum. One is sort of the “main path” which is just a simple downhill slide race against up to 7 other players.

The other is a bit more involved and has a large open zone before the race. There are several spirits in this open zone, and a fair amount of candles. It’s also where the Rainbow Daily quest occurs in The Valley. The follow up race is a flight based race through the crowds that ends in a shorter downhill slide race.

For both races, you get a reward of (I believe) 150 candles, in order to receive these candles you need to collect at least one of the pieces of light to collect during the race. You don’t need to win or collect all of them. In fact there is no reward for collecting them all. At one point in the history of Sky it did matter, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

The Colosseum

Just before the end is the Colosseum. It’s a pretty straight forward zone. There are several spirits in the area, including a couple of stages for the Skater Spirit (discussed more in the village). There is a Winged Light that is easy to miss hiding at the top of the left giant statue next to the exit. This place is also home to the simplest spirit in the game, there is a fan in the stands that has ONE stage you simply activate it and follow it to one place and it’s done. You can exit to the Village from the Colosseum as well through the exit up in the stands.

The Aurora Spirit is here as well, and it’s where the Concert took place.

The Alter Chamber

The final area, like many others contains the final spirit alter. There is a large chunk of candles to be had here by lighting them all up, so it’s worth stopping in for candle runs. There is also an easy to miss little maze area with some crabs and an escort spirit off to the left side. The Social Campfire for the Valley zone is inside this maze as well.

If you’re doing candle runs the transition from the Alter to the Wasteland Zone is slow and long so it’s worth teleporting home an just using the portal after the initial visit where you must travel normally.

The Village, Mountain Peak, Theater, and Music House

The Village can be used to bypass all the races and other nonsense and quickly reach the colostrum. It was really useful during the Spirit of Aurora. It contains access to three additional areas only accessible from the Village. The first is the Theater. There is a little quest line where you put on a play that is entirely contained within the theater. After progressing this quest line for a bit you can enter the Music Shop, which sells instruments and has places to practice with the in game music system.

The main area contains a Skater near the little pond in the middle. The Skater also has a little quest line that can be done in order, which involves the Skater learning and practicing her technique, and culminates in the Colosseum. The quests from this are scattered through the village, Colosseum and the third zone accessible from the village.

At the far end there are two sets of Gondolas that can be activated. One leads to the Colosseum, the other leads to the Peak. The peak contains one of the Skater quests, and is an area where red shards can spawn. There are also a couple of Winged Lights here, one in a hidden cave along the down slope path that can be easily missed. Otherwise there isn’t a lot here.

One last thing I wanted to mention here, the Village contains a hot spring that shows up frequently for Daily quests. It’s way up high on the mountain top opposite of the main entrance, above the Theater entrance.

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