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Sky: CotL Guide Part 6 – The Vault of Knowledge

The Entire series can be found on this page.

The Vault is the final zone before reaching Eden and the end. It’s arguably the most important “lore” zone, less so from the lore it’s telling, and more the lore it represents, as a library of memories. It’s also sort of a gateway between the world and Eden. It’s actually a very simple zone, but also extremely tedious to navigate through. There are almost no real threats in this zone either.

Unlike the previous zone, there is no social area at the start. Or at least, no way to go and change outfits. I guess they figure by now you know how to work Home. Though even Eden has a social area. You start out in a lowered hallway, immediately connected tot he temple at the end of the Wasteland. All of the branching of this zone occurs at the bottom floor, most in the first entry room. Which makes it easier to sort of start off with the branches this time.

Main Floor

The main floor is the entry area and a large open area with a platform in the middle. Generally speaking, there are 2-3 seasonal candles in this area, and 1-2 on the “first floor” which I’ll get to later. The daily quest sapling is in the large open room as well. Off to the right just after entering the larger room, there is a 4 person door which leads to a spirit, getting people to assist with this door can be a pain as most people rush past and don’t bother.

There are also several branching zones.

The Archive

To the right of the spawn point for this zone, up high is a 2 person door that leads to the Archive. The Purple light daily quest is in the archive as well as a couple of WL and one Spirit Memory. Also notable, because it took me forever to find, the map stone is up in a little cubby directly across from the entrance. This is also the only space with a real threat, there is a sort of multi floored maze that the Spirit Memory passes through that is full of crabs.

After following the memory through the maze, there is a second exit which leads to the same entrance in the main area. I believe this is the ONLY place in the game where this occurs (two exits to the same point). Not really important, but just random, possibly true, trivia.

The Secret Area

From spawn, going up to the left, then back towards the entrance leads to a crack tunnel that can be traveled through. This leads to “The Secret Zone”. It’s neat to experience blind, so I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but under normal circumstances, you can only get there while wearing the supporter cape. During holiday events, there will be a special spirit that will take you through. This is the area where events take place. Also notable, this hand holding counts for the daily quest “Hold hands with a friend”. Which can be tricky to get sometimes.

The Season of Remembrance Area

This probably has a proper name, but I’m not sure what it is. As of this posting, this is the newest zone, and it’s related tot he (as of posting) current, season. Next to the sapling in the large room is a new door to the “right” of the tree, which leads to a large room with spirits relating to the Season of Remembrance.

The Starlight Desert

Before Aurora, the “biggest season” was The Season of The Little Prince. This was also the only other collab season outside of Aurora. The Little Prince is a book (and other media) and this season is a sort of, Sky version of the story. In the middle of the desert is a Rose which will give quests that take place throughout all of Sky, where you meet with The Little Prince and learn his story. There were also some popular cosmetics available during the season, like Sword Pants, which are no longer available.

This questline is also notable because it requires completing the game to finish it. The final quest involves meeting The little Prince in Eden, and results in a “special end” that occurs once.

Also, after completing Eden, the other spirits related to the quest will open up around the zone in the various areas surrounding the zone (the stage, the large pot, the garden, the little boat area off to the side, the large memory).

There are a lot of WL in this area as well. It’s also generally a pretty and peaceful area to hang out.

Second Floor

Heading back to the main path. In the large room, after lighting all the torches around the platform, then the phantom torches, lights up the platform which will take the player all the way to the top.

But not without stops.

The second floor is a small room full of memories. It has a similar “puzzle” to the main floor, to power up the platform and get it rising again. This is a trend for this entire zone. There is also a 4 player door here that leads to a large candle cake and a spirit (hidden in the back). Unlike the main floor, this 4 player door is pretty easy to get opened, I guess it’s more obvious and the candle cake gives more incentive.

This is also the only other place where daily seasonal candles will show up.

One last notable thing that applies to the rest of this zone, you can’t fall. My first visit, i took great effort to not fall. Then later, learned that you can’t. In fact, “floating” at the bottom is a good way to recharge.

Third Floor

As the platform rises, it leaves the library. There isn’t a lot on this floor, just one spirit and a few candles along the path fo the spirit on some floating islands. The candle puzzle here is a bit more tedious because the final step involves lighting some dozen candles in a circle around the platform. The problem is, every other candle is slightly too high to each, making them hard to hit.

Fourth Floor

This is the busiest zone outside of the Starlight Desert. There are some 2-3 candle cakes, 3 or 4 spirit memories, and a large spacious area to explore with lots of platforms. This zone is a lot easier with more flaps on the cape, since it makes it easier to navigate between the various platforms, or simply bypass them by flying.

Fifth Floor

There is nothing left really. There is a WL hidden out on the floating bones, but otherwise it’s just a matter of lighting up the torches on the back of the giant phantom snake and riding the mantas up.

The Top Floor

Are they really floors anymore? Th final island here has some candles to collect and the final alter. Lighting the article teleports the player onward, so it’s worth collecting everything before using the alters. In face, it’s worth nothing that all of the main path here is one way. Once the platform goes up, there is no going down.

After using the alter, the player is deposited in a final sort of alter room, with a continuous thunderstorm happening. If this feels ominous, it should. There is a portal leading back to Home and a Spirit Gate which leads to Eden. I recommend having some 50-70 WL on your cape before proceeding onwards to Eden, so if not, head back to Home and start exploring.

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