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Sky: CotL Guide Part 7 – The Eye of Eden

The Entire series can be found on this page.

The end of everything lies in the Eye of Eden. I’m going to throw out plenty of spoilers in this page, and I recommend doing Eden blind the first time through. It wraps up everything in a nice, somewhat unexpected way that works better not knowing. I will give some spoiler free advice first though.

Eden resets once a week. You can make as many Eden runs as you want, but the final bit only works once a week, and resets I believe on Sunday or Monday.

Bring a stock of regular candles, maybe, 40-50, and as many WL as you can get. You will want the candles at the very very end before finishing the game.

This place is rough. The Golden Wasteland is scary and spooky, Eden is just a brutal nightmare. I cannot stress this enough.

Just. Keep. Going.

Push on, you fall, get up and find a lamp to recharge. Lose some WL, it sucks, just get up and keep pushing on.

Be patient, because there are places that require waiting for an opening to pass, and there is a lot of waiting behind rock outcroppings while waiting for a rock storm to pass.

Stick with the others as much as you can, help them when you can. You don’t need to bring friends to Eden, but you will probably make friends along the way. The whole zone works better when everyone works to bring each other up and along. Light them and collect their WL if you can’t though don’t kill yourself in the process, because two downed moths are less useful than one downed moth.

The final zone has you lighting some statues under a constant barrage of lava rocks, just, get as many as you can. Keep pushing forward and onward.

And with that I’ll go on to the individual zones, which will get more and more spoiler filled as things go along (not much to really spoil until the third area).

Wind and Rock Cliffs

Eden is reachable either through the final alter area of the Vault zone, with all the thunder and lightning, or through the large portal on the back end of Home, if you don’t want to go all the way through the Vault. Funny enough, there is a social area at the start of Eden. The area itself is locked by a multi person gate. At one point, it required I think 5 people to open the gate, but it’s been changed so one person can unlock it alone. Usually there are other people around though.

The first area is pretty basic, you fight the wind to climb up a long winding path to a small enclosed rest area. Being blown off is bad, and flying will get you blown around through most of Eden, so don’t even bother trying to fly anywhere really. If you are an extremely skilled flier with a lot of flaps, you can fly through this zone however. Personally, I don’t recommend it, it’s not too hard of an area. There are like 2 or 3 spots where you need to pause and wait for gaps in the wind and rock storm to run to the next safe area starting about halfway up.

Krill Battlefield

This is where the real fun begins. There are several sections, one right off, and one near the end, where you have to fight the wind and hide behind rocks to avoid being pummeled during the times the wind blows. The trick here is to be patient and not get greedy with progress. Just, run to the next rock outcropping, especially early on when you may be uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the area. Halfway through there is a sort of, climbing maze, with Krills patrolling around. There is plenty of cover to hide from them, but once again, it’s about patience. Also if you fall off, you pretty much have to start the climb over again, but sometimes falling down to cover is preferable to a Krill strike.

The third part of this area is more rock storm and rock outcropping cover. Some of the cover is just low spots in the cliff and not so much an actual rock outcropping. There is also a Krill patrolling around to watch out for.

At the end is a long tunnel full of Winged Lights.

At the end of the tunnel the game will give you a message that you have reached the point of no return. Proceeding beyond this point means finishing the game. You can’t go home, if you leave the game you will return to Eden on reload. There is no going back.

Statues Area

The final area of the Eye of Eden. There is a constant barrage of red lava rocks that pummels the area and you’ll need to run from outcropping to outcropping to avoid them. Along the way, you must place your Winged Lights into statues scattered throughout the area. I believe that in total there are 60 or 70 statues, you do not have to do all of them, just do as many as you can.

In case you didn’t put 2+2 together, placing WL, removes them from your inventory. As you proceed through this zone, you will become weaker and weaker. The farther on, the less cover there is as well, I believe to reach the final 4 or 5 statues you basically must crawl to them, losing WL to the lava storm as you go.

The zone ends once the player is dead.

There is no other exit, as the warning stated, Death is the ONLY way out.

After dying, if there are other players left, your spirit will follow them around, and you get to watch them die as well. FUN right?

Once all of the players are dead (or if you skip watching the other players), all of the statues will burst open and all of the freed WL and your own spirit will break free and the game continues on.

Ascent and Orbit

Not much to say about this area itself. After breaking free, your spirit flies through a long sequence. The cloud area basically follows references to the other Zones of the world in sequence until you ascend up into space among all of the other spirits and enter Orbit. It’s quite beautiful really.

Eventually you wake up and rejoin your body. In the final area you will receive pieces of Ascended Candles for each WL you placed in a statue. The total possible is around 15.5 last I checked. There is a constellation alter here. Remember I mentioned bringing some candles? You will want to unlock as many of the Ascended Candle locks as possible now. Don’t bother with branches, find the 1-2 candle locks, and unlock up to them, then unlock them. You only need the first level, the few second level ones don’t count.

Once done, continue onward, or socialize a bit with your fellow Sky Children if you’d like, to the final portal. Along the way you will collect all of the unlocked Wing Buffs (from the Ascended Candle locks). These Wing Buffs can be lost in the world like regular WL, but you always regain them when passing through Orbit when reborn.

If you’ve done the Little Prince quest line, the Little Prince will appear just before exiting Orbit and you will be reborn into the Starlight Desert. Otherwise, you will be reborn back on the Island of Dawn. All of the WL in the world will have been reset, Spirit Memories are kept. If it’s the first time completing the game, additional Spirit memories from the various seasons will now be available throughout the world.

And that’s it for the game. After this it’s all pretty much making Eden Runs to get more Winged Buffs to try for that sweet 12 flap cape (200 WL level) or just hanging out and collecting cosmetics and emotes.

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