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Review – Bubble Bobble (NES)

1-2 Players

Graphics: 7/10
Pretty decent graphics.  The enemies and such all look like what they are supposed to
for the most part.  They are a bit cutesy looking overall but then the game itself is
supposed to be cutesy.  For the most part all sprites are block sized creatures except
the end boss which is huge.  An overall colorful environment.

Music and Sound: 4/10
The sound effects are fairly repetitive.  For the most part Bub and Bob (the two dragons)
have the only read sound effects.  The jump and shoot bubble for sound.  Occasionally an
enemy shoots stuff for a new sound effect.  The music is what really brings this score
down.  Let’s put it this way, there are like 2 songs in the entire game.  There’s the
regular theme, which repeats about every 10 seconds, and the end boss battle theme, which
is really fast and seems like it repeats sooner.  Anyway, the music isn’t so bad that it
gets annoying after repeating so much, but it is a it repetitive.  Due to the continuous
nature of the play though it sort of fits.

Gameplay: 7/10
Quite a fun game for two players.  Kind of boring alone though.  It features two player
simultaneous play and really it’s a bit harder on one player.  And despite other
multiplayer games I still play this one once in a while with others.  The action is
incredibly repetitive which may be a turn off, but it’s repetitive in the same way Tetris
is, in that it is addicting and fun.

Overall: 6/10
A decent multiplayer jam with some nice, silly graphics.  I would recommend this game for
pretty much anyone, though I suppose some people may find it’s cutesiness a bit of a turn

Use the password “DDFFY” to select any level.

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