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Review – Shadowgate Classic (GBC)

1 Player

Graphics: 6/10
I’m sure they would be a bit better if I had a GBC to play this game on, however since I
only have an original black and white GB, it kind of limits the graphics.  Also some of
graphics aren’t all that great.  The perspectives seem weird, ect.  They are identical to
the NES version of this game.  The menu set up is different, but this is more to accommodate
the smaller GB screen.

Music and Sound: 6/10
Not all that many sound effects.  Doors opening, the occasional fire blast.  It’s not much
of an action game.  The music changes at least every once in a while.  The music tends to
match the mood, it gets suspenseful when something evil appears, etc.  Nothing all that

Gameplay: 6/10
A nice puzzle solving game.  I think I’d have enjoyed this game a bit more if I hadn’t
played it so many years ago on the NES.  There is fairly little replay value in this game.
Once you play through once and now what to do it’s the same thing every time.  It’s not
even action filled like an RPG would be.  This is the biggest drawback of this game.

Overall: 6/10
If you like Uninvited or Deja Vu (both NES) then I would recommend this game.  If you
really liked this game on NES and don’t have a copy I would say go ahead and get it, but
you may find it’s not all that hard.

Tip: Not many codes for this game.  Just make sure you pick up everything you can and
save often.

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