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2022.05.23 – Elite Dangerous Log

Today’s Elite Dangerous (catch up) post is brought to you by, Errors in Stellar Cartography and Route Plotting.

I mentioned previously making money ferrying people between Rodrigo and Sothis (Seen below, quite close). While picking up passengers, I plotted and checked a route for someone going elsewhere.

I opted not to take that job, it went WAY out.

But I forgot to re-plot my route. I had been talking to my song and distracted. Next thing you know, I am hundreds of light years off course.

This would be the equivalent of planning a trip to the next town over, but setting your GPS to a town across the country, then blindly following it for 2-3 states.

Thankfully, when I ran out of fuel, I was at a fuel scoop-able star.

Irritatingly, I had not upgraded my Fuel Scoop yet, so I had to let it sit and refuel for almost a half hour.

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