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2022.05.18 – Elite Dangerous Log

A tale of two ships, Elite Dangerous in parts…

Fairly recently, I added a Dolphin to my small like up of ships (Sidewinder -> Adder -> Dolphin).

I outfitted it for passenger transporting, then took it out to Robigo. Robigo is a farther out, small mining colony, that has only one, close, destination for passengers. So you can make runs very quickly for pretty good money.

My main hang up was the Luxury boxes I had installed didn’t hold enough passengers, so I had to downgrade them.

Some things I have found about the Dolphin. It’s component slots are well suited for passengers, with 2x size 4 slots and a size 5 slot.

It also is really great at head dissipation, maybe its something installed, but I never had it overhead and it could frame shift while fuel scooping.

My main gripe is I find the sleek design kind of ugly. I am just not a fan of that.

So I more recently also picked up an Asp Explorer (AspX) with my Robigo profits. From what I have read, this is a fairly robust “Goto” sort of ship. Especially for Robigo runs.

So far, frankly, I am not really impressed. The component slots are not ideal (one 5 slot, one 4 slot and some 3 slots) and it doesn’t handle heat anywhere near as well as the Dolphin.

I kind of wanted to trick the AspX out more for long range trips anyway, exploring, with some combat readiness.

So as a bit of wrap up.

I opted to pay to have my Dolphin brought out to Robigo. I’ll reconfigre it with the parts Instripped and put in my AspX, and just leave it there, for when I need to make quick easy money.

Then I can work on maximizing the AspX for scanning and jumping, and start just randomly system hopping around a bit.

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