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2022.05.24 – Elite Dangerous Log

Today’s Elite Dangerous update, I added a 4th ship to my collection, the Asp Explorer. I tried using it for transport runs at Robigo but its not as good as the Dolphin.

So I decided to use it for its name sake, exploring (and maybe transporting goods and combat).

The first thing I tried through was moving goods. The target was a ground base, which I had never trued before.

When I discovered my AspX did not include Landing assist. So I sloppily crashed into buildings but managed to land.

I am actually not sure I like the AspX. It FEELS kind of big and clunky, but I also have found that its pretty fast, at least compared to my previous ships. It doesn’t FEEL fast, but it is.

I don’t really have a next step yet, so I will likely keep using the AspX for a while. I am thinking maybe a Mamba as a pure attack ship, but I am also thinking maybe I should go larger, start doing some true bulk transport of people and goods. Or just start doing more exploring.

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