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World of Warcraft – Part 07 – The Warcrafting Dead

So, I can guarantee, right now, without a doubt, that my ultimate downfall in WoW interest will be a lack of “things to do”.  It almost killed it for me the moment I left Ghostlands and finished all of the Blood Elf starting quests at level 20.  At that time, I had one single quest available, and it was a boring “go drop this thing off in Undercity”.   Granted, I found things to do, but that will only last so long.  I suppose you could wonder how I could ever run out of things to do, considering how much there is to do, and considering there are all sorts of dungeons and PvP arenas and whatnot.

I tried PvP, it kind of sucked.  Maybe it will be better when I’m stronger, I’ll definitely try again, but I died quickly, like most of my team, and generally did not have fun.  It didn’t help that some asshole kept screaming about how we should all just go delete our accounts for being so terrible.  He wasn’t the top player on our team or anything, but hey. he certainly knew better than us.

Still, I trudge on, with my own little goals.  It was around this time, that the Patch happened, and I totally lost my Warrior Fury Mojo.  I’ve managed to relearn how to fight pretty effectively.  It was a surprisingly easy fix.

I started over.

No, I didn’t make a new character, I started doing Undead quests, from around the low level first quests.  Why bother?  I learned I could buy mounts from other factions by becoming “Exalted” in reputation, which meant doing a lot of quests for that faction.  The Blood Elves have their own mount that I can buy at any time simply because I am one of them.  It’s a huge goofy Chocobo Knockoff.  It bobbles around as it runs and is generally not real intimidating.  While wandering around previously in Orc Territory I tried to buy a Raptor off of a Troll but he told me to piss off.  Later, I found out the Undead get bad ass Skeleton Horses.  A creepy Undead Horse seems like a much more awesome and intimidating mount for a Blood Elf Fury Warrior, and I wanted one.  Which meant becoming Exalted, which meant doing loads of Undead based quests. 

It took doing pretty much the entire “storyline” but I did it, and I got my horse.

Something kind of interesting I noticed along the way however, the Undead Quests are a LOT more fun than the Blood Elf quests.  The Blood Elf quests are almost all my hated MMO stereotype of “Kill XX of Monster YY” and “Collect ZZ of Trinket WW”.  The Undead Quests seemed a lot more story driven and often, a lot more off the wall.  some of them would simply be “Stand here while we give some plot exposition”, but they helped drive things along.  Which reminds me of another bonus on the undead quests, they had a cohesive plot.  The Blood Elf Quests were all disjointed, run around doing random shit for random strangers.  The Undead follow an epic plot of war and betrayal where you assist this Banshee chick in fighting Werewolves.

It felt like I was accomplishing something beyond leveling up my character, it felt much more gamey, which is good.

There was also a bit more comedy in the undead quests.  Like the quest where the original Questgiver wanted a break, so I got to stand in his place giving stupid pointless tasks to people who happened by.  Or the blatant Plants vs Zombie knockoff mini game.

Anyway, my next goal, aside from getting to whatever level may be, is to go through more of the starting area quests.  I have yet to figure out where the Trolls, Goblins, and Taurens start yet, but when I do, I shall do my best to become their Exalted champions.

So, until next time, when I spend the day being a Pirate!

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