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World of Warcraft – Part 06 – Being Social

I have 3 characters on World of Warcraft that I’ve been cycling through to some extent.  One common thread on these characters I’ve found are random Guild invites.  I have no idea how they find me, I’m often alone in an area when I will suddenly be invited to a guild.  I have always declined these.  If I can’t even see you, I don’t want to be a part of your guild.  At least talk to me first.

Which one guild did.  Instead of a random invite, I received a random question of why I wasn’t in a guild.  i can almost guarantee I was alone at the time, so i still don’t know how they found me, I was, in the heart of Dwarven Alliance territory at the time.  I had a little discussion about how I’d gotten invites but no real discussion or information.  They pitched the guild to me a bit and said if I wanted to join to just let them know.  I said sure, mostly on the grounds that they had actually chatted with me a bit and hadn’t just been casting a wide net to see who would bite.  I figured that I could always leave.

Another reason I hadn’t joined a guild was that I hadn’t really looked into the details and ins and outs of guilds.  Would I be paying some sort of fee?  Would I be locked into one guild forever?  That sort of thing.  I didn’t think either situation was the case but I wanted to be sure.

There are actually a lot more benefits to being in a guild.  You get all sorts of perks to speed up leveling and reputation gains and transport speed.  I kind of wish I had joined a guild earlier actually.

They seem to be an interesting bunch at least.  They chit chat to each other about this and that.  I get to feel slightly bad for not being a high enough level to join in any of their little group activities.  Still, it’s nice to have someone to chat with occasionally, even if it’s to make little jokes about things going on in the game.  They are also helpful if I have questions about things I’m not sure about.

On the other angle of being social, I also made a small group in order to try to tackle a boss type monster.  The previous bosses I’ve had to face I just ended up skipping them, returning later when I’m ten levels overpowered and any quest rewards are meaningless.  Unfortunately we didn’t beat the boss, a huge Yeti packing a killer throwing attack.  I did end up getting help with this slime boss that I couldn’t quite handle alone.  It’s kind of neat how it works, you basically just share credit for the quest objective while rolling a random number for any good loot. 

There are some downsides to being friendly I suppose, though I got a good laugh out of it.  Upon my first visit to Orgrimmar as a Blood Elf, I was heading out into the wilderness and as I was exiting the building, I met a higher level player running towards me being chased by something like 20 low level Boars.  He seemed more than capable of handling such a large pack but also seemed distressed about it a bit.  So I stepped up to help him fight them off.  He suggested I use my Thunderclap Attack, which I had just recently learned.  It’s an area affect attack that affects all nearby enemies.

This was my undoing.

While standing in the middle of the pack, I unleashed the Thunderclap.  This caused all of the Boars to retarget me instead of their previous target.  I put of a decent fight but they got the best of me.  I revived and found the guy still standing over my corpse laughing.  Fortunately, i was laughing too.  there really isn’t much consequence to dying in WoW so I had no real reason to be mad.  Still, I guess this is sort of the WoW equivalent of griefing.

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