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Review – Scoregasm (PC)

Charlie’s Games | 10.07.2011

Hey look, another indie game pretty twin stick shooter full of neon lights and fast paced action.  Scoregasm was included in the Indie Royale Difficult Bundle a few weeks ago, notable because it allowed gamers to get the game for Steam before it’s been officially released for Steam.  The game still isn’t available on Steam, nor does it have a store page yet.

2011-12-01_00001 It’s still available elsewhere, just not on Steam.  It’s made by the same guy who made Bullet Candy.

The gameplay is pretty straight forward, fly your ship around and shoot in different directions destroying hordes of enemies.  It’s similar to Beat Hazard or Geometry Wars, or even, Asteroids.  You do have the limitation of your movements being trapped within a small confined area.  The game’s main draw is it’s progression system.  The more enemies you shoot in a row without dying, the larger the combo you build up.  Depending on the size of your combo you will unlock different stages to move on to.  The fun part is, you can choose which stage to go to next.  Each one is labeled by it’s difficulty so if you’re wanting to try something easier for a bit, you can pick the Easier stage, if you suddenly have a desire to challenge yourself, you can slip into a much more difficult stage, assuming you managed to unlock the higher difficulty.

2011-12-01_00004 This does lead to the game’s only real flaw, if you break your combo at all, there is a good chance you won’t unlock anything.  The goals tend to be high enough that when your combo breaks and drops to zero, there probably aren’t even going to be enough enemies to make the stage goal combo.  The stages are quick though so replaying them isn’t too hard.

It’s a good game all around, and certainly a fun game of it’s genre.  The progression system is definitely pretty unique which helps make the game more enjoyable.  It’s still probably mostly a game for bullet hell fans, which is a bit of a niche genre.

Scoregasm is available on the Scoregasm Website.

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