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Review – King’s Knight (NES)

1989 Squaresoft | 1 Player

Graphics 6/10
So so graphics.  They are OK, but this is for NES standards.  It is a Square game, and
they tend to have pretty good graphics for their games when they are released, and this
is one of their first games so it’s pretty early.  Some of the monsters are easy to tell
what they are supposed to be but others seem like random blobs.

Sound 3/10
I don’t remember anything that really stands out in this game and being an early NES game
this area isn’t too great.  Nothing spectacular or too memorable like some of Square’s
later games.

Gameplay 6/10
Kind of fun and interesting gameplay.  Thing “really slow overhead shooter”.  The screen
scrolls along and you walk along up the screen shooting enemies and blowing away trees and
such.  All the characters have ranged weapons and there are four characters.  I don’t have
the instructions so I’m not sure what everything does.  You get four lives, and when one
character dies you come back as a different one on a different level.  I’m not sure about
how these characters intertwine or anything, I really wish I had some instructions for this

Overall 5/10
Nothing great, about the only reason really to get this (and the reason i got it) is if
you are a Squaresoft completionist.  It’s probably one of the harder to find Square games
since it’s such an early one.  I found mine used at Babbages (where I’ve bought my last
several games).

Tip: I can’t think of anything really.  The up arrows heal you, the down arrows hurt you,
I had to figure this out since I didn’t have a book.

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