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Review – Droplitz (PC)

Blitz Game Studios | June 25, 2009

Droplitz is a game about controlling the flow of drops through a series of pipes to a set of collectors.  It’s pretty straightforward in it’s presentation and design.  After aligning a series of pipes and letting them fill for a few seconds the sections used are eliminated and more spill in from the top.  Let things go for too long and it’s game over.  There are varying degrees of difficulty, mostly controlled by how many distributors and collectors are available.

There is a bit more strategy required if you want to maximize your score than just connecting tubes.  Once a tube is connected it becomes permanently locked.  You may discover that had you turned it one more shift 90 degrees you could have connected two collectors for even more points.

It’s pretty well paced and not an overly stressful title to play.  Definitely one for the casual gamer who just wants to get some quick entertainment in short bursts.  It’s not excessively flashy but it’s reasonably fun to play.

Unfortunately, puzzle games have a bit of a hard niche to fill.  On one hand, there are a lot of pretty clever ideas out there for puzzle games.  They range from extremely complex in every way games like Portal, which is a Puzzle game at it’s core.  Or they can be simple and repetitive like Tetris.  Often they are something somewhat in between like say, Rush.  Droplitz falls more on the Tetris end of the spectrum, which is arguably the more difficult end.  Why is that exactly?

There is a lot of free competition in the Tetris end of the Puzzle spectrum.  Which hurts Droplitz more than anything else really.  It’s a decent little time waster style game, but there are so many options in this space that won’t cost a thing or are cheaper, it may be hard to justify a title like this.  On the plus side, there are a lot of sales on Steam involving small time puzzle games so it may be worth picking up for a discount.

Droplitz can be found on Steam

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