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Review – From Dust (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

2011 – Ubisoft – One Player The Good Interesting Gimmick where you manipulate the world using literal God Power Eventually there is a sandbox mode, which is neat. The Bad The gimmick is way more limited than it is made out to be and the world tends to “right” itself The above makes a lot of the levels frustrating since you try to do X but it just sort of fails… By the time you unlock the Sandbox, you’ll hate the game play. In Depth Ok, I tried… I really […]

Review – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Wave – Phoenix (Jean Grey)

This may be a bit of a short one on the text.  I honestly have very little to really say about Marvel Legends Phoenix.  In fact, the main thing I have to say is something I really don’t say too often about anything.  I think I legitimately hate almost everything about this figure. I’m not even sure it’s an upgrade from my old Toybiz Phoenix figure.  Sure that old Phoenix has some issues, and is far from perfect but this update just has so much that I don’t particularly like […]

Review – Transformers – Titans Return – Highbrow

Like most of the original Headmasters, Highbrow hasn’t gotten a proper update in a while.  There was a pretty neat Highbrow back in the Hunt for the Decepticons sub-line of Revenge of the Fallen, though his alt mode for that line was a Lockheed P38-Bomber style plane, and he was mostly green instead of his original blue and white.  It’s a neat toy mostly for using a cool alt mode, but it’s not very Highbrow and it wasn’t a headmaster. Like most of Titans Return, Highbrow is a much more […]

S.H. Figuarts – Luigi

Today’s review is on SH Figuarts Luigi.  I’ve previously done a review of SH Figuarts Mario as well that you may be interested in if you’re looking into Luigi.  A lot of what was said about Mario definitely applies here.  The build quality is solid, the paint apps are great, the sculpt is great, the articulation works for what he is, but it’s a little limited. Where Luigi differs the most is in his accessory count.  Luigi includes alternate open hands and a stand, both things that Mario lacked in […]

Review – Overwatch (PC, PS4, X-Box One)

The Good Fun Team based Gameplay Loot system that never feels like you need to buy anything (though you can) Large variety in game modes The Bad No way to trade duplicate item drops with other people Game can feel a little repetitive after a while, several maps feel like facelift copies of each other Social aspects could use some work In Depth It’s really hard not to compare Overwatch to Team Fortress 2.  They have vaguely similar art styles, the game play is the same sort of class based […]