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2024 Days of Color in Sky:CotL

I have been playing Sky for a few years now but somehow I have missed the Days of Color event. Twice I think even. I have been waiting for this one to come along, for kind of a dumb reason, it’s the only way to (non hacky) access the space way up above the 8 Person Door puzzle area.

The Days of Color is essentially Sky’s Pride Event for Pride Month. Everything is rainbow themed. In fact, it was originally called Days of Rainbow. There are a bunch of Rainbow themed cosmetics available during this event and, like the recent Days of Nature, part of the sales go to charity. In this case, the donation is The Trevor Project, but I don’t see how much (Days of Nature was 50%). Like other “Days of” events, there are special daily tickets to collect and exchange for special cosmetics. There are usually plenty of days to collect the needed tickets, and there is a vendor that lets you buy them for 2 Ascended candles each if you come up short.

Or are impatient.

There are plenty of pricey real money items as well, though as mentioned, it includes a donation.

The event itself takes place in the 8 Player Puzzle door of the Daylight Prairie. There is a spirit in the Aviary that will teleport players there directly, which is nice because waiting for people to show up and complete the puzzle can be a pain. In addition to 4 event currencies on the ground floor, a 5th is found above in the normally inaccessible upper zone.

To reach the upper zone there is a rainbow themed puzzle. If I understand it correctly, in the past, you needed 8 players to complete the puzzle, but this year, a single player can complete it, which is new. Basically, there is a node (that should change each day) corresponding to one of the colors of the rainbow. The first day is Red. You wear a red cape, or use the nearby color foundation, which randomly speed out a different color that temporarily changes the player cape, trails, and hair color. Then you stand near the node for a few minutes to power up the rainbow which activates a jet that will propel you to the sky.

It’s only the first day, I am not sure if tomorrow you will need to power up two nodes or if the Red will just be activated already. Also notable, the first time I did this, something bugged and the upstream jet did not activate.

The colored jet can be rode up high in the sky to some floating islands where a 5th event currency is located. There are some neat little alcoves on these islands to explore as well, and the other main event for this event.

There is a race track down a twisted rainbow. It works like other races in other areas, players sit at the starting line to activate it and must collect checkpoints as they slide down.

It was really giving me some Mario Kart vibes.

I also have to say, I kept missing the checkpoints, which usually means starting over. Which is fine, it’s low stakes and that means it’s tricky, but not impossible hard.

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