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World of Warcraft – Part 28 – Warlords of Draenor, Kind of Already Boring…

I have a bit of a sad fact to throw out there… I’m a little tired of WoW.  The hype over Warlords has kind of worn off and what’s left is kind of a little dry.  Sure there are new Raids rolling out and all but I’m kind of satisfied with running them through once for the story and being done.  I ran Siege of Orgrimmar so damn much on that stupid Cloak quest line and I’m just so tired of that mess.  Not to mention that after doing a bit of ACTUAL raiding with a guild group, I’m no longer satisfied with LFR.  No mechanics, 25 people just pounding away at everything, no organization, blah blah blah, it’s kind of crap.

Then there is the Garrison.  I barely bother checking in anymore, the return feels very low, the main purpose is crafting gear and you can only wear three pieces of crafted gear at all, which is kind of lame itself.  There isn’t a huge market on the AH for anything that the Garrison produces considering, everyone has a garrison and can just farm out their own crap.

I’ve done most of the mainline quests and a large majority of the secondary quests in WoD.  I just don’t feel like there is a need to go out in the world and explore because I’ve seen it all for the most part.

I’ve even tried running alts and levelling alts.  I had two level 90s when WoD dropped and the Boost to use, so technically, three level 90 characters.  I’ve only gotten one to level 100, and levelling in WoD is ridiculously easy.  I just have not had the desire to bother.  It feels like a chore.

I can’t quite put my finger on what’s off about this expansion, it just feels like it’s become, too casual, even for a casual player like myself.  Leading up to WoD I had been building a little network of alts and professions to be able to be totally self sufficient on everything I need, all of that seems kind of pointless now since it feels like the Garrison provides everything for you pretty easily.  I barely even need my Banker Alt anymore to store materials with the new stacks and such.  This should all really be a good thing, except it does make things feel a little too simple.

It doesn’t help that I really don’t care much for the overall plot of WoD.  Sure, the random zone based subplots have kind of always been a thing, but the overall plot here just feels pointless.  The whole point was Garrosh trying to build some sort of army of Iron Horde or something, except we pretty much wiped them out from entering Azeroth in the opening quest line.  Spoilers, Garrosh gets unceremoniously wiped out in a quest and now we’re left with a bunch of nobody villains that we sort of have to deal with for “reasons”.

Yeah, I said nobodies.  Grommash, Gul’Dan, etc, aren’t nobodies lore wise, except these jokers are not *our* history, they are some alternate history, they are nobodies as far as *our* history.  We could manabomb the entire planet of Draenor and it would have no bearing on the real Azeroth’s past, present, or future.  I guess I understand why Thrall doesn’t seem to be real excited about paling around with his parents.  They aren’t his parents, they are random Orcs that share the names of his parents.  If Durotan dies it has no impact on anything.  Thrall still exists and lives to form the Horde and kill Deathwing blah blah blah.

Sure, Pandaria was kind of random, but the end result of Garrosh was something that had been a slow burn over a long period.  Garrosh was hanging around in old Nagarand, he was leading forces in Northrend against the Lich King, he was thrust prematurely into a leadership roll in Cataclysm, and the power went to his head and nearly killed everyone in Pandaria.  Garrosh has been around in WoW for a while in important roles.

These Warlords of Draenor are nobodies, and I’m having some issue with figuring out why I should really care about them or saving their world.

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