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World of Warcraft – Part 21 – Two Times Ninety

RamenJunkie has finally made it, all the way to level 90. I almost feel bad for the poor Grummels up in Kun Lai Summit, as soon as I hit 90, I just abandoned them to the Hozen that were harassing them. Surely some other adventurer will come along and help them. I was going to head off and pick up Pandarian Flying then head to Timeless Isle, except Pandaren Flying is like 5000 gold. I have 5000 gold, I just, have better things to blow it on than flying around in Pandaria, especially since I don’t plan to do anymore questing in Pandaria and there is no flying in Timeless Isle anyway. I opted to just skip it.

So, Timeless Isle. I kind of blew off Timeless Isle on my main, all of the enemies are a pain in the ass to kill with my Warrior and I felt I could better spend my time questing and Raiding. Timeless Isle is intended to be a “Catch up” mechanism for players. The place is literally littered with decent though not the best gear. One time chests are all over and many Rare spawn hard to kill monsters are everywhere. They drop Account Bound Timeless Loot. Timeless Loot can be traded to alts, or used directly, and it creates armor pieces that are stat geared towards whatever class and spec you are. I’ve spent a few hours gathering all of the chests and I have gathered a full set of Timeless Mail Gear and a second set to upgrade and use later, as well as several extra pieces I threw off to my banker.

I also got lucky and won the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent mount on my first try (with RamenJunkie). Irritatingly, the mount requires Artisan Riding to learn, so I got to blow 5000 gold on Artisan Riding instead of Pandaren Flying. I’m just thankful it doesn’t require Cloud Serpent Riding to learn. RamenJunkie can’t ride the mount, but Ramchan can.

I plan to spend a bit longer running around TI trying to get the upgrade parts and I’ll probably run a few Raids to try to get a SoO Bow since there is no high iLVL weaponry on Timeless Isle. I’m thinking maybe a week or so more on RamenJunkie. He is at level 90 so he’s ready for WoD as it is, I’d just prefer to be above iLVL 500 before WoD. For comparison, Ramchan is something like iLVL 540. I have no intention of doing the stupid Legendary Cape trudge again either. IF the Pre Patch makes the process much much simpler I might consider it, but there hasn’t been any talk about that happening so most likely I’ll be skipping it.

I really want to continue leveling more of my alts. I want as many as possible at max level, ready for the new expansion. I’ve got roughly two months. Angus Black, the DK is around level 60, so he won’t be too bad. I plan to run him as a Tank too, so I’ll be able to run Dungeons almost instantly. Tanks and Healers tend to be in demand so there usually isn’t a 30-60 minute wait in the queue for dungeons.

I also still have my Monk and Mage to level. I’m running the Monk as a Tank too and while he is only level 25, doing one dungeon run gave me two levels all on it’s own, so I feel like it will be quick. The Mage is around level 30 or so, still a ways to go, but she’s getting there. There is also the free level 90 boost that comes with Warlords. There is supposed to be special content for players who boost after the Expansion is released, so I want to save the boost for that time. I also plan to use it on my PVP Alliance Rogue over on Illidan. Leveling on a PVP server, especially one where your faction is 1% of the population is a pain. I still like the idea of being 90 an strong though on that server, against the odds.

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