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World of Warcraft – Part 16 – Pandarian Loremaster

My latest efforts have been to pick up on some of the missing achievements for Mists of Pandaria.  Specifically, the questing related ones.  I started with the Lorewalker storyline, which mostly involves traveling all over the continent of Pandaria and reading little story lines on scrolls scattered about.  This gathers reputation with the Lorewalker faction, and gives and achievement.  Having Exalted reputation with the Lorewalkers allowed me to buy a new Cloud Disc mount, but it’s kind of a boring crappy mount.  If i am going to surf on a flat mount, I’ll stick to one of my flying carpets.

Besides, I also worked on grinding out Exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent, so I can now ride bad ass Chinese dragons.  Much cooler than some lame Cloud Disc.  Since I’m on grinding Reputation, I’ve also managed to finally get Exalted with the August Celestials.  This unlocks a few final quest chains relating to the Four Celestial Temples, as well opening up the recipe for Royal Satchels.  I talked a bit about bags on my recent Banker Alt Post.  Royal Satchels are 28 slot bags.  They are a little expensive to make though, requiring 12 Imperial Silk.  Imperial Silk is made in two ways, a Daily cooldown craft which also teaches a new Tailor recipe.  OR  A non cooldown craft which doesn’t teach anything new but requires Three Spirit of Harmony.  Spirit of Harmony are created from Motes of Harmony which are semi rare drops off of any Pandaria enemy (as near as I can tell).

I had enough Imperial Silk stocked up to make 4 bags.   My recent creation of a Banker means I really don’t NEED these bags too critically, so I decided to throw them on the Auction House for 2750gold each, which is pretty big money.  I even sold one, which is good because I’ve been burning through gold outfitting my Hunter in Heirloom Gear.

Anyway, aside from reputation and Lorewalking, I’ve completed the actual Lore quests of Pandaria and gotten the Loremaster of Pandaria achievement.  I still need to do the peripheral quest lines, like the Idle of Thunder and the Alliance vs Horde thing in Karasarang, but I’ve done all of the mainline quests, every dungeon, and all of the raids.  I’ve essentially done it all.  I’m pretty familiar now with everything happening in Pandaria, which is pretty cool.  I’ve even read through the Vol’Jin book, which explains where Vol’Jin was between getting “killed” and returning to become Warchief.

On a totally unrelated side note, I found the most awesome Trinket ever….

I hate this... grumble grumble...

Sadly, this rainbow effect is only for one quest.  Not sadly, the quest reward trinkey instead shoot Rainbows from your fingertips which causes (weak) damage to things.  It’s not enough to use as a weapon but it will kill critters.  Irritatingly, it was like a hour long cool down.  Anyway, it’s hilarious on my Orc Hunter, because I purposely designed my Orc hunter to be ugly and grouchy looking.

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