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World of Warcraft – Part 14 – Alts and Twinks

Lately, in between working on stuff with my main, I’ve been running a few Alts with different purposes in World of Warcraft.  Firstly, I made a fully decked out Twink(ish) Troll Monk nammed Raman.  It’s kind of a play on Ramen and the Jamacan vocal patterns of the Trolls.  I d previous runs onquite a bit of Justice and Valor from my previous runs on Seige of Orgimmar and so I loaded up my new Monk with appropriate heirloom gear.

Heirlooms are are a special kind of gear designed for alts.  They provide high stats and they “level up” along side your character meaning you never have to worry about swapping gear along the way.  They also provide some nice experience bonuses for leveling.  Unlike many items they are Bind to Account, not Souldbound (to one character).  They can be sent cross realm even.

Having the full set of gear makes him crazy powerful and he levels really fast. This makes him a pretty kickass Tank with little effort on my part.  Which is the point ultimately.  I want a Tank, a level 90 Tank.  The Heirloom gear wears off at level 85, I can limp along on whatever until 90, at which point ‘ve already got a ton of Timeless Isle Leather gear on my main I can throw on him for a pretty decent level 90 Tank.  I’m a bit concerned about the ultimate utility of the Brewmaster Monk tank, I’ve read a few times that they are “squishy” next to other tank classes.  I guess time will tell.

I’ve also taken an old neglected character and started building a “Bank Alt”.  He is not a true Bank Alt since he’s not level 1 but I don’t particularly care.  Straxus was a Blood Elf Priest I had made to accompany my Son’s BE Paladin.  Except my son quickly out leveled the Priest and i didn’t care much for playing him anyway.  Later I started throwing some of my clutter junk at him for storage.  I’ve recently started turning him into a true Bank Alt, complete with suit and large sacks.

Straxus is also not yet a full bank alt.  I need to fully deck him out with Frostweave Bags or Royal Sachels.  I need to get better gloces, shoes and “weapon”.  I need to start up a one man guild for Maximum Bank Space.  I really need the Bank Alt too since, on my main, I have started doing alternate professions.  I dropped Minning for Herbalism, I plan to use all those Herbs to do Inscription and maybe Potions next.  Eventually I’ll land on Engineering, which will require I use my neglected Death Knight to mine some ores.

Finally, I made a new alt on a PVP server.  There was some discussion on Reddit about doing “something crazy” and making an Alliance Guild that would be self sustaining and helpful to eachother for everything on the Illidan server, a PVP server.  PVP servers have Player vs Player, always on, so in addition to threads from monsters, there is the thread of players from the opposite faction swooping in and killing you.

The catch here is, Illidan is apparently 99% Horde controlled.  Playing Alliance is literally suicide.  I have not gotten out of the long Worgen starting zone yet to see if there even is a Reddit Masochist guild going but that’s fine, if there isn’t I can always make one.

I decided to go ahead and roll a Worgen Rogue for several reasons.  First, Leveling may be tricky, and the Heirloom Armor I bought my Monk is actually Rogue Heirloom gear.  Both emphasise the same stats.  The experience bonus will be a HUGE help.  I clear zones with the Monk after like one or two quest hubs and gain 2-3 levels every dungeon.  Second, the Worgen starting zone is lengthy.  By the time I am in the real world where PVP will be an issue I should be high enough level to do queue for Dungeons.  If all else fails, I can just hide somewhere and run dungeons until I am a decent level, or at least until I can learn flying riding.  Also, Worgen is the only “cool” Alliance class anyway.  Horde 4 Lyf and all…

As for Rogue, Rogue can use Stealth, which will be really useful for questing if there are Alliance nearby.  I can easily hide or sneak past them as needed.

My only regret is that the Heirloom Gear will prevent me from wearing a Dapper Tophat like a proper werewolf.

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