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World of Warcraft – Part 13 – The End…

So I’m done.

Done with World of Warcraft.

Maybe I’ll come back, probably, but for the moment, I’m just done.  It’s just not fun anymore, that’s all there is to it.  I enjoyed it immensely but I just can’t find myself enjoying it.  I log on and it’s just a chore. 

I guess I just don’t enjoy “grinding”.  I was having a ton of fun when i was running around the world doing quests and getting some story, but then I made it to Level 90, and I did some things in Pandaria, and then it got dull, and now I’m done.  There are still quests to be done but it seems silly to do them again on my level 90.  I could start over but got what a pain that is, it took me months to get where I am now.  I could keep going, there are new and exciting patches coming and new content and loads of Panda stuff I have not yet done but i just don’t want to.

The “end game” just sucks.

I log in, I run around doing the same dozen or so daily Pandarian quests, then I go lose a bunch of PVP rounds while being screamed at for being a “noob” because I don’t spend 20 hours a day perfecting my characrer, and it just sucks.   I did a few raids with my guild but even that is awful.  The guild is nice people, but after dying against the same boss 30 times over the course of 3 hours, it’s time to give up and move on for a while.  That’s not fun, it’s tedious, and stupid.  I think that’s part of my dislike as well.  All of the end game is about grinding out better gear from dungeons and raids and PVP.  It’s all doing the same thing over and over to heard Honor of Valor points or to hope that one good item drops from a boss, then hope you win the roll from a group of folks.  These activities are all intense and difficult.  The early dungeons consist of 5 people steamrolling through waves of monsters.  The later stuff is 5-10 people pounding on “monster trash” for hours that, trash that is so strong it could wipe every dungeon you played before this.

It’s just boring.

I just don’t have the time or care for this.  Besides, this obsession is killing all of my other interests and it needs to stop.  It’s a good game, I just started to let it get too much of me and I just got tired of it.

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