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World of Warcraft – Part 09 – Redemption

Our story so far has most followed the exploits of one Fury Warrior Blood Elf named Ramchan daring to choose a blade over magic, she set out to help her people battle the forces of the Scourge invading the lands of her people.  After traveling from Silvermoon City through the Ghostlands and defeating Dar’Khan Drathir in the Tower of the Damned and continued south into the Plaguelands to continue her quest against the Scourge corruption.

The Plaguelands proved to be too difficult, filled with mighty monsters at every turn.  Ramchan did manage to make the trek through to Light’s Hope Chapel where a mix of Alliance and Horde forces battled under the banner of the Argent Dawn against the Scourge.  From this point there was no choice but to travel by flight to the safety of Undercity, the Horde’s central hub of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Here, Ramchan met up with the Dark Lady and the Forsaken forces.  She took up the mantle as champion of the Forsaken cause and fought to gain the favor of the Dark Lady.  During this time there was a short plunge into darkness with a focus on berserker force and bloodlust.  After championing the cause of the Forsaken, Ramchan headed off to Kalimdor for some travels and to commune with the Tauren.  Around this time many Pandarian started appearing throughout the world.  These Pandarian Monks brought with them talk of inner peace and strength in calmness.

Eventually Ramchan returned to the Plaguelands to continue the journey against the Scource forces and the Lich King.  She became a supporter of the Argent Dawn and fought along side them valiantly.  After victories at Stratholm and Tyr’s Hand, she came to an almost eerily deserted town in the Ruins of the Scarlett Enclave.  A mightly battle had been fought here once.  High in the sky was a large skeletal citadel.

It was at this point where the met for the first time, her new enemy.  The Scourge Force’s champion, a dark corrupted Tauren Warrior named… Angus Black.

It would be destiny for these two to clash, before the war against the Scourge would be won.

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