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Wednesday 2023-06-14 – Link List

Lameazoid Link List for Wednesday 2023-06-14

14-Jun-2023 – News: Forza Motorsport is Going to Be Based Around a Forgotten Racing Subgenre

Brief Summary: “During the last Xbox Showcase last Sunday, we learnt a few things about the upcoming big titles. Whi”

14-Jun-2023 – Carrie Fisher’s final film Wonderwell to be released this month

Brief Summary: ”
It has been seven years since the tragic passing of Star Wars royalty Carrie Fisher and while Star “

14-Jun-2023 – News: Grimace’s Birthday, a Game by McDonalds, Gets Released for GameBoy Color

Brief Summary: “McDonald’s mascots are always in presence whenever kids are involved. There are kid meals in McDonal”

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