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Tuesday 2023-06-27 – Link List

Lameazoid Link List for Tuesday 2023-06-27

27-Jun-2023 – Here Are Your New, Official Clark Kent & Lois Lane Actors in Superman: Legacy

Brief Summary: “James Gunn has picked actors Rachel Brosnahan to play Lois Lane and David Corenswet to play Clark Ke”

27-Jun-2023 – Transmorphers: Mech Beasts trailer unleashes metal mockbuster mayhem

Brief Summary: ”
Ahead of its release this coming Friday, a poster and trailer have arrived online for Transmorphers”

27-Jun-2023 – [Prime Gaming] Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition (Included with Prime)

Brief Summary: ” submitted by /u/bluewaff1e [link] [comments] “

27-Jun-2023 – PlanEx Shippers Rejoice: New FUTURAMA Season 11 Trailer Confirms Freela

Brief Summary: “On Tuesday, June 27, 2023, the full trailer for the Futurama season 11 revival at Hulu was released.”

27-Jun-2023 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem showcases all-star cast with new character posters

Brief Summary: ”
The Turtle Power is in full force with the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. Mutant Mayhe”

26-Jun-2023 – Bethesda website says Starfield’s physical Xbox release will include a disc, but the PC version won’t

Brief Summary: ”
UPDATE 27/6/23: After several days of confusion and conflicting statements, Bethesda has confirmed”

26-Jun-2023 – Barbie Speeds Into ‘Forza Horizon 5’ As Xbox Series S Gets Dreamhouse Makeover

Brief Summary: ”
Microsoft is down to party, as the tech giant has unveiled a Barbie-themed Xbox Series S, its first”

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