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Legacy Shadowstrip

My Transformers purchases these days has slowed to an absolute molasses drip. There is a lot of “cool” stuff being put out, but I often already have “good enough” versions of these characters and the prices are getting a bit too much for my taste. I do still pick some up occasionally. One that’s been nagging at me a bit was the new Menasor in Transformers Legacy. The Stunticons are my favorite combiner team and up there on my favorite Transformers. I really like the Combiner Wars version of the team, though it’s not perfect. The new version is designed to much more closely resemble the jankey way it was animated in the original cartoon. Which means that Motormaster and his trailer just turn into a giant robot, that you can strap some deluxe sized Stunticons to.

I don’t object to this concept, but I also really, do not need another Menasor.

Then they put out this sub-line called “Velocitron” which included this random G2 Recolor of Drag Strip. He even got a new name of Shadowstrip. I can kind of get behind the “justification” for a second Menasor if it’s G2 colored. Especially because the non Combiner Wars aspect would kind of match with the G2 Bruticus I have from the War For Cybertron line (Different design styles for G2 recolors).

Now, there isn’t any guarantee or announcement they will ever complete this set, but a lot of people have also been praising Legacy Drag Strip as a solid Transformer, and the colors are nice, so even if Shadowstrip ends up being alone is his G2ness, I can live with that, he is a pretty neat little figure with some fresh gimmicks on his transformation.

I have some slight beef with his guns being the same, they would have been opposites in the previous world of not cost cutting at every turn, but I can live with it. You could technically stack them with each other infinitely too if you wanted. The split in half part for his combined mode is also hard to do without a tool. Maybe Motormaster has tabs or something that facilitate splitting them apart. Maybe I am missing something, but as it is, I have to use a screw driver or something to push the release tab.

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