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  • Transformers – Studio Series – Rampage

    Transformers – Studio Series – Rampage

    The second in the multipart, multiyear release of figure from Hasbro to produce an accurate Revenge of the Fallen Devastator is Studio Series Rampage. The first release was Studio Series Scrapmetal, who was a pretty good all around transformer, and sort of an original character for Studio Series, who didn’t get a release in the […]

  • Transformers – Studio Series – Scrapmetal

    Transformers – Studio Series – Scrapmetal

    So, for the most part, the Michael Bay Transformers movies are pretty trash. Mostly for the shitty plots, but Revenge of the Fallen is particularly bad. One thing it did have that was pretty cool though was Devastator. In general, I do like the Bayverse/Movieveerse designs, and the take on Devastator was pretty interesting. Though […]

  • Transformers – Studio Series – Bumblebee (VW)

    Transformers – Studio Series – Bumblebee (VW)

    The latest Transformers Movie, Bumblebee, takes things back more to the original roots of Transformers.  It features G1 versions of a lot of the characters and the main character, Bumblebee, takes the form of a Volkswagen Beetle like he had in the original 80s cartoon.  The movie isn’t getting it’s own toyline but is instead […]

  • Review – Transformers – The Last Knight – Cogman

    Review – Transformers – The Last Knight – Cogman

    I’m not going to lie, I barely remember anything about The Last Knight.  I had some vague hope it was going to be better going into it, but it wasn’t.  I don’t really know how but somehow the Michael Bay Transformers movies just got worse and worse with each release.  I vaguely remember something with […]

  • Review – Transformers – Masterpiece Sunstreaker (MP-39)

    Review – Transformers – Masterpiece Sunstreaker (MP-39)

    I don’t really collect Masterpiece Transformers, not on any sort of large scale.  I have a few, the original MP-01 and MP-05 Optimus and Megatron.  Though both of those are in the old larger scale of Transformers.  I use MP-08 Grimlock as my “Classics Grimlock”, because it’s a nice looking toy and his bulk makes […]