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The Last Knight

Review – Transformers – The Last Knight – Cogman

I’m not going to lie, I barely remember anything about The Last Knight.  I had some vague hope it was going to be better going into it, but it wasn’t.  I don’t really know how but somehow the Michael Bay Transformers movies just got worse and worse with each release.  I vaguely remember something with knights in the beginning and then they go to the ruins of Chicago or something then there was something with Anthony Hopkins and Hot Rod in England.  Beyond that, the whole thing exists as some sort of weird repressed memory or something.

Still, I like Transformers Movieverse Toys.  This guy Cogman was the tail end of the line and got a really random release pretty much straight to discount stores.  I believe Cogman was Anthony Hopkins’ butler robot int he film, I don’t remember him turning into any car or anything, but it may have happened at some point.  This guy gets a semi proper representation through his Headmaster.  This movie came out alongside the Titans Return line, which was all Headmasters, and while the movie line didn’t share that gimmick, this guy does.

Cogman’s headmaster is cross compatible with the Titanmasters and Prime Masters, and like the Titans Return figures, Cogman has a driver’s seat for his head robot.  In fact, he has two seats, so a buddy can even ride along, a neat little added gimmick.  The vehicle itself is an Aston Martin, a vehicle appropriate for the butler/servant of the eccentric Sir Anthony Hopkins.   There was one other pseudo Headmaster in the line if you want to keep things pure, Nitro Zeus has a removable head that’s compatible with the Titan/Headmasters, though his own head doesn’t transform. 

The robot fits pretty well in with the Knight theme of the movie and a lot of the toys in the line.  He’s all gray with a dark wash in some places.  He has a sword which he can wield with one or two hands.  His design has sort of an armored look to it as well.  The transformation is pretty neat overall, his hood has a neat rotational gimmick instead of just folding over.  He holds together fairly well, which is sometimes an issue with characters with cockpits like Cogman has.

Overall, Cogman is a pretty neat figure.  It’s kind of a shame that he got shoved tot he back half of the line, because he’s become a bit of a scares toy to find.  He’s one of the few actually new molds and characters of The Last Knight toyline, and he has a lot of interesting and unique aspects to him with the double driver interior and Movie themed Headmaster.  I believe he’s getting a re-release in the Studio Series line however with a different paint job, so there’s still a chance to find him, though probably not at the discount store price.

Tuesday Trailer – Transformers 5: The Last Knight

You know, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t go with say, “Last of the Knights.  So far we’ve had Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon, Age of Extinction.   It’s too bad they didn’t continue this cheesy X of Y trend.  But hey, whatever.

As for this movie… I really really want to get excited for this movie.  I do.  I dig Transformers, but these movies just end up being so consistently awful that I find it hard to care about the new ones.  I am probably just being some sort of “Not my Transformers” snob or something since they consistently do super well at the box office.  They aren’t even particularly good “popcorn flicks” honestly.

So what do we see?  Some knights, some Nazis, a giant planet thing eating the moon (Unicron?)  And of course Evil Optimus Prime, who will likely be Nemesis Prime, or maybe even just Gavatron in disguise.  They mentioned in Age of Extinction that Galvatron was designed in Optimus Prime’s image, even though he looks nothing like Prime aside from turning into a semi, not even the SAME semi, just A semi.

On a related note, what’s with this trend of heroes on heroes?  We had X-men Apocalypse with characters like Storm and Angel fighting the heroes, we had Captain America: Civil War, we have the upcoming Fate of the Furious pitting Vin Diesel’s character against his “family”.  I’m sure there are others, it seems to be the big gimmick lately in these sort of hero films.