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  • Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – Beta Ray Bill

    Marvel Legends – Smart Hulk Wave – Beta Ray Bill

    As a fairly popular secondary character of the Marvel universe, it’s kind of surprising that Beta Ray Bill doesn’t have more figures. He has a neat design that lends itself pretty well to being a “cool toy” and his outfit could easily be made from reusing most Thor figures. If you are unfamiliar with the […]

  • Nendoroid D.Va (Hana Song)

    Nendoroid D.Va (Hana Song)

    One thing I really like about the Nendoroid line is that they are hitting essentially all of my “Mains” in Overwatch. Tracer, Sombra, Mei, Lucio is coming, and D.Va. These are my top five, in some sort of order. I suppose that probably just says I prefer the mainstream heroes over some of the less […]

  • Game of Thrones – Arya Stark (McFarlane)

    Game of Thrones – Arya Stark (McFarlane)

    After enjoying Jon Snow and The Night King, I decided to keep up on the Game of Thrones line with Arya Stark. For what it’s worth, I probably won’t pick up Daenerys, the likeness is just too off in the face and she is overall too large. Maybe if I found her for cheap but […]

  • Overwatch Ultimates – Lucio

    Overwatch Ultimates – Lucio

    Today’s figure is Lucio from the Overwatch Ultimates line by Hasbro. I feel like Lucio could make a pretty cool Figma, but there are a lot of other factors that make me feel like Figma will never get around to doing Lucio. Of all the figures shown off prior to the line’s release, Lucio was […]

  • Overwatch Ultimates – Reinhardt

    Overwatch Ultimates – Reinhardt

    While I really prefer the Figma Overwatch figures to the Hasbro Ultimates versions, I have very little hope that Figma will every put out any of the larger Tank heroes. This is the one place where Hasbro definitely has the advantage. A standard sized Figma is anywhere from $50-$70+, a Figma the size of any […]