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  • Game of Thrones – The Night King (McFarlane)

    Game of Thrones – The Night King (McFarlane)

    After being satisfied with Jon Snow, I decided I’d add another figure to my little Game of Thrones collection with the Night King. Mostly because Dany and Arya weren’t available, but having a villain, however lame his ending ended up being, is always fun. The Night King continues the bar set by Jon Snow, he […]

  • Overwatch Ultimates – Sombra

    Overwatch Ultimates – Sombra

    I had a lot of worry about Hasbro’s announcement of an Overwatch line. While getting more affordable versions of these characters is a nice prospect, I was very worried they would seriously screw things up. So far, it does seem to be a bit of a hit and miss line, but the hits outnumber the […]

  • Review – PC – House MD (the Game)

    Review – PC – House MD (the Game)

    Legacy Interactive | Released: 5.26.2011 NOTE: This review mostly concerns itself with Chapter 1, I plan to go through at least one more chapter and if there are significant game play changes I’ll note them but otherwise it can be assumed to be more of the same.  Also this review is image heavy because I […]

  • Sentinel – Roll Caskett (AmiAmi Exclusive Ver)

    Sentinel – Roll Caskett (AmiAmi Exclusive Ver)

    I’m pretty picky anymore, so it’s not super often that I end up slightly disappointed with a figure, especially one that is expensive that I didn’t randomly pick up because it was marked down to nothing at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the 4 Inch Nel Roll Casket gets the pleasure of being slightly disappointing. So, the figure […]

  • Forza Horizon 4 (PC, Xbox One)

    Forza Horizon 4 (PC, Xbox One)

    Microsoft – 2018 The Good Stunning Visuals Gameplay has a ton of variety and courses and cars The car Livery system is pretty great The Bad The PC version is a pretty mediocre port of the console version There are a lot of bugs. The Online Scene isn’t great Racing is a genre of games […]