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Star Wars Black Series – Darth Maul

In the same wave as Anakin, we’ve gotten a second much needed re-release of a very popular prequel trilogy character with Darth Maul. Darth Maul was number 2 in the main line of figures, part of the first wave of Black Series every released. He is also pretty popular, that kind of makes him a little hard to find.

For the most part, this is one of the more impressive Black Series figures I’ve picked up, mostly in part due to his array of accessories. To start off, there is his double bladed light saber. The blades are removable and it splits into two sabers. Nothing amazing, but having all those choices is really nice and it’s accurate to the films.

Second, he has a pair of macro binoculars. They look nice, but he can’t hold them and look through them while wearing his cloak. It’s been a bit since I have seen The Phantom Menance, but I am pretty sure he was wearing his cloak when he is seen using the binoculars.

Speaking of which, lastly, we have the cloak. A nice cloth goods cloak would have been perfect, but the design trick here is pretty clever so it’s kind of forgivable. Darth Maul comes with two heads, both are pretty much the same head, except that one has the cloak attached to it. The whole piece, head and cloak, is removable, and has proper arm holes for his arms and all that when attached. This is clever because it means the cloak can properly sandwich down onto Maul’s head and look right, without the head horns getting in the way.

Aside from the accessories, the body is a pretty standard Jedi style body. I don’t believe it’s just a straight repaint or anything, but they all wear the same sort of tunic outfit, even though Maul’s is black. He has a nice range of motion as well, which is good given how acrobatic Darth Maul’s fighting style is.

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