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Some Neat Final Fantasy Swag

I’m a bit late on posting these, but they are still pretty cool. A few months ago, I went to the newly added “Side Quest Decatur” for the Midwest Toy and Comic Fest. It was the first year for the secondary even in Decatur, normally it’s held in Bloomington, about an hour north. It wasn’t anything super fancy, mostly just a big vendor room. I didn’t end up buying much, but I did pick up these neat custom Final Fantasy items from Rusted Icon Designs.

One is this slate coaster, with a fun reference to the Spony Bard line from Final Fantasy IV.

The second is the really nice-looking etched Shinra logo glass. Shinra being the evil corporation from Final Fantasy VII. I use this glass almost daily. It holds basically exactly one 12oz can of soda+ice, though that will put the liquid right at the brim. The etched design is very crisp and I really love the dark red color.

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