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Review – Super Dodge Ball Advanced (GBA)

GBA – Atlas – 2 Players

This game is a remake of the classic NES hit Super Doge Ball. While it doesn’t feature the old well known Kunio Gang (aka “The River City Ransom Guys”) it does play identical to the original with many extra bonuses. For instance, we are treated to nice little cut scenes of the team’s nose less manager chick between each round. It should be assumed that if this game actually had a story beyond slamming balls into the other team, that the manager would probably be the love interest of the main character Ken. Though of course Ken is only main character because the manual says so, and because he is captain of your team. It doesn’t even mention he’s captain of anything in the game.

Anyway, the plot of the game is that in the year 20XX (you can tell it’s cool because it has a fake year), the world sport of choice is dodge-ball and every country competes to be the World Champion Dodge Ball Team. I suppose one could assume it’s something like the movie Robot Jocks, where all wars are no longer fought with armies but in small group combat where four man teams whip volleyballs at each other in hopes of killing the other team before they get killed themselves.

So why is this game so great? Do I need to hit you in the head with a ball moron? I mean it’s a fucking game based on a sport that is more mindlessly violent than football. I mean you kill people with a fucking volleyball, how many ways do I have to spell it out. The game is just so fucking ludicrous in it’s concept it is automatically great. Plus it’s addictingly fun. Play for hours vent your frustration at being killed by the Afro sporting Korean team by kicking the shit out of the guy on the sidelines.

I mean people are hailing Castlevania (CotM) as the best GBA launch title, fuck that, I have Castlevania, it’s great but I mean a whip? Come on, killing people with whips is so cliche. There is only one thing that could be better then SDBA on this system, and that would be River City Ransom Advance. Heck I like the new updated look of SDBA’s characters so much that I wouldn’t mind if they changed to something similar in RCRA. So anyway, Nintendo if you are listening, we want a RCR remake of this caliber. Nice new crisp graphics, Nice options and interface, good controls, fun game play, this game has it all.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This review was originally written previous to the release of RCR EX

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