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Monday 2023-06-12 – Link List

Lameazoid Link List for Monday 2023-06-12

12-Jun-2023 – US regulators move to block Microsoft’s $69bn Activision Blizzard deal

Brief Summary: “Federal Trade Commission opposes purchase, which would be largest in video-game industry history, on”

12-Jun-2023 – New Pathfinder Game ‘Galloswpire Survivors’ Mixes Roguelike With Bullet Hell As You Fight To Defeat A Lich

Brief Summary: “BKOM Studios and Paizo announced today the next game from their partnership: Pathfinder: Gallowspire”

12-Jun-2023 – Jada Toys: FIRST TEASE – SDCC and Retailer Exclusive #2: Boo Berry

Brief Summary: “Our friends at Jada Toys continue to tease the SDCC 2023 goodness, and this time,…”

12-Jun-2023 – The Weirdest Cameos in Superhero Movies

Brief Summary: “This article contains spoilers

Superman is on the lookout for Lex Luthor. Even though the crimina”

11-Jun-2023 – Arnold Schwarzenegger on Last Action Hero flop: “I cannot tell you how upset I was”

Brief Summary: ”
Even with his box office power at the time, Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t save every project he st”

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