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Godzilla, 1998 – ★★★

It's not awful, a lot of people seem to think this is awful. It looks pretty good given the time period and all the Japanese Godzilla are pretty goofy and this has a lot of the same goofy but Americanized.

It does feel a bit weird because Godzilla is so small. He's just like, a really big T-Rex, instead of a city sized beast. He runs around all bipedal like a T-Rex too, which is apparently good for him because he's a lanky boi.

Actually, is it a girl? It has eggs, but reproduces asexually, but they still call it "he" the whole time, so maybe he is just a really progressive lizard monster. Heck, maybe the lanky T-Rex is the male version of "Huge lizard monster" and the tall fat one that attacks Tokyo all the time is the female version.

It also feels off because this Godzilla doesn't really destroy a lot. Like 90% of the destruction in this film is due to how incompetent the military is.

Also, the most unrealistic moment in this movie about a giant radioactive lizard rampaging through New York, is that they evacuated the entirety of New York in like a day.

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