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Star Trek Into Darkness, 2013 – ★★

Why is Cumberband so freakishly intense in this thing?

Also, within the span of like, five minutes, maybe even real time, Kirk goes from Captain of the Federation's most prized starship, back to academy cadet, back to First Officer, back to Captain.

Like... Why?

Also the transporters are always magically not usable (not broken, just not usable) during a million moments when they would be useful.

During the final sequence my wife turns and asks if they crash landed in the Marvel Universe.

Star Trek, 2009 – ★★★

Apparently watching Star Trek Discovery has numbed me to weird "Non Trekisms", because I enjoyed this one a bit more than I remember.

The villain is kind of lame and forgettable though. Maybe the real villain was the challenge to make friends with each other along the way.

That sounded more amusing in my head.

Nezura 1964, 2020 – ★½

A weird drama documentary about a movie that may or may not have been a real movie that was never produced.

It's honestly not real clear, and it's not really a Kaiju film at all.

Shark Side of the Moon, 2022 – ★★

That literally last minute twist was quite the WTF doozy.

Weird, low budget, Shark Men on the moon. It's probably everything you think it might be.

The Tin Soldier, 1995 – ★★½

The image on Tubi has Jon Voight holding a sword and shield with this goofy grin, and that's like 90% of the reason I watched this.

I don't think there is a sword or shield anywhere in this.

The whole thing is definitely "After school morals" material. It has some.incredibly.cringe parts, but some genuinely entertaining parts too. Part of that comes from it's TV Movie nature really.